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Greta Garbo Modern Screen 1937 She Tells on Garbo
GARBO MADE me what I am today. She is responsible for my being on the screen.
I'd thought of becoming a movie actress when I was in high
school. I suppose almost all girls brought up in Hollywood think about it. Then I saw Garbo on the screen. I saw her again and again and again. I knew that I would have to follow in her footsteps, however humbly I might walk.
And so I started in. I was just sixteen when I signed with Central Casting. I got extra work to do. One day a casting director saw me and offered me a screen test. I guess it was successful because I became a 'heroine' in several Western pictures. I played opposite George O'Brien, Buck Jones, Ken Maynard, Rex Bell and others. I made 'Jungle Mystery,'
'Lost Special,' 'Tombstone Canyon,' 'Secret Sinners,' and
others. In 1934, I was co-starred in 'High School Girl.'
Then M-G-M signed me to a long-term contract.
Shortly thereafter they needed a blonde girl who
resembled Greta Garbo enough to play her
sister in 'The Painted Veil.'                                         continue

from Modern Screen, February 1937

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