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Jeanette MacDonald
Jeanette MacDonald
Nelson Eddy
Nelson Eddy
Life at High Speed
by Gladys Hall
F MacMurray
Fred MacMurray

GET YOUR BREATH before we start -- you'll need it!
Speed! A carousel! Dizziness! Tempo! Non-stop flights! Fever Heat!
There isn't a mad moment in the life of a movie star that isn't rushed, hectic, temperamental, exciting, paced, stressed, packed, hysterical, electric...they move, they rush, they race, they feel, or they seem to feel, the breath of life along their keel....
They have parties, they dance, they dine out, they build homes, they fall in love, they fall out of love, they don't know whether they're in or out, they go to concerts and prizefights and races, they play bridge and backgammon and tennis and golf and....

...they have friendships and enemies and six o'clock calls and fifty-nine telephone calls before breakfast and masseuses and costume fittings and conferences and interviews and previews and cocktail parties and photographic sittings and autograph signings and the radio and the Troc' and the Vendome and the Brown Derby. . .

and the Club La Mare and stills and agents and lawyers and hairdressers and ---WHEW!! The speed of life lived in Hollywood would tax the strength of the Amazons, the muscular fortitude of the Gladiators -
-- Atlas couldn't bear it on his shoulders - he carried only one world, if you recall.

Any two of the activities listed above would be taxing the ability of the average person to its utmost. Every one of these activities is part of the day's work and play in the city of movie queens and kings. Ordinary flesh and blood would be screaming in the Laughing Home if confronted with such a schedule.

I have seen Carole Lombard tugging madly at a clock, trying to stretch its too-limited dial. Clark Gable entrained for Utah one night,
from Silver Screen, December 1936


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