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Life at High Speed (cont'd)

muttering that the social life of the fish would be peace after the pace he goes. Joan Crawford is laying plans for a forty-eight hour day to go into effect before she goes into eclipse.
Errol Flynn, planning a trip to Borneo after the preview of "Charge of the Light Brigade," and the preparation of "White Fang," brought some wild animals into his home so that he and the lovely Lili Damita, his wife, may become inured to the habits of Big Game before they encounter the beasties in the wilds of limited is his time that he must needs take Lili on harried, between the scenes camping trips to Arrowhead and other handy wilds so that she may learn the rigors of camp cooking and camp life before she begins to live them.

Take Dick Powell - he won't know the difference - he was working in "Stage Struck", preparing for "Gold Diggers", editing a fan magazine, building a new house for himself and bride,

rehearsing his radio broadcasts, making personal appearances at benefits, having fittings, having interviews, having conferences, having photographic sittings and - courting on the set! The lines he was called upon to speak to Joan Blondell before the camera were made to 'do' for the real lines he might have spoken had he lived in Punkin Center instead of Hollywood.

The kisses he gave her on the set were in lieu of the kisses the average young man would have given her, leisurely, privately in a moonlit garden. He had, so

to speak, to dovetail his lovemaking!
Joan had to have her trousseau made in the studio by the studio wardrobe department so that she could have fittings between scenes. What time had she for shopping? What time for marrying? That's what she wanted to know. In the evenings they were often seen at the Club La Mare, trying to relax in the public eye, still with an audience, always with an audience....always...         
from Silver Screen, December 1936


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