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from Modern Screen, March 1949Louella Parsons Good Newas page 2

Marriages may be made in heaven -- but romances most certainly can be plotted over a dinner table.
When I was in Europe, my friend Elsa Maxwell told me she was arranging a party for the express purpose of bringing together Rita Hayworth and 37-year-old Ali Khan, son of Aga Khan, one of the world's richest men.

Elsa said, "Rita is just his type and I know he will fall in love with her." The point was, had Rita sufficiently forgotten awesome Orson Welles to fall in love with anyone else?
Apparently she has. At least, news from abroad that Rita was in Madrid, Spain, with Ali made an exclusive newspaper scoop for me.
These splashy romances between beautiful movie stars and international milliionaires with chests full of diamonds, rubies and stuff always make interesting reading.
But I'm betting a cookie that this isn't the real thing with Rita. When she returns to Hollywood, Ali --with all his wealth-- will probably be just a flattering memory.

Power, Christian in Rome



Left: Ty Power and Linda Christian posed for a street photographer in Rome -- and the photographer posed for us! Ty's in Italy to make a movie about the Borgia family. He was non-committal about wedding plans.


Many, many pretty little girls in Hollywood nursed a bruised heart when Rory Calhoun and Isabelisa (who recently changed her name to Lisa Baron) were married the other day. That boy makes heats thump on and off the screen.
And don't believe for a minute that David Selznick, who holds Rory's contract, tried to break up this romance because it might hurt Calhoun with the debutante fans. David said, "Why should I try to play Jupiter in the affairs of those kids?" Good luck, kids.

Parties in Hollwood these days always have some surprises, but I think the Danny Kayes' party in honor of the William Goetzes topped them all with the old-fashioned square dance. If you think Ginger Rogers, Claudette Colbert, Irene Dunne and other glamour belles didn't get into the spirit of the thing -- you don't know the irrepressible host.
At the end of the square dance, Danny went into the same routine of songs and patter that made him the idol of London.
The party went on until 4 a.m. -- but not for this gal. I had to come home and get ready for a radio show. But I did stay long enough to meet Miss Kaye, the debutante of the house.
Her mother brought the two-year-old down about one a.m. and she looks so like Danny with her mop of red hair and the way she uses her hands, it was really funny. I've never seen such a happy baby. No tears for her, even though you will admit the hour was late for a young lady of two to be receiving guests.

Payne, deHaven



Left: After two separations and two reconciliations Gloria de Haven and John Payne (here at Ciro's) are calling it quits. John will be charged with mental cruelty -- Gloria wants the screen career he always opposed.




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