Bijou B Feature - Postwar Years

from Modern Screen, 1946
You're a never-fail M.S. reader, so go ahead and perfect-score yourself a perfect 12 percent!  
Kidding aside, these questions would be tough for anybody not hep to the game, but for you. . . .   
So do try to pick the correct answer from the four suggested beneath each pic.  
9-12 denotes a most super info, 6-9, w-e-e-ll, and below 6?  Uh-uh.
(answers at bottom of page.)

Hutton, Grant

1. Never these twain shall meet, even though they're:
a. cousins
b. brothers
c. father and son
d. brothers-in-law

Bacall, Bogart

2.These smolderings led up to the famous line:
a. "23 skidoo!"
b. "Wow!"
c. "It's even better when you help."
d. "Let's go on forever."

Rita, Orson

3. First he sawed her in half, now they're one. Their youngun's:
a. Prudence Penny
b. Penny Cartwright
c. Rebecca Welles
d. Jennifer Jones

4. Raised on croon and corn, their hearts belong to Daddy:
a. Van Johnson
b. Van Heflin
c. Frank Sinatra
d. Bing Crosby

5. Greer started a 'flat-top' sailor hat vogue in:
a. "Blossoms in the Dust"
b. "Madame Curie"
c. "Mr. Chips"
d. "Mr. Skeffington"

Ann Dvorak

6. Back from four years' ambulance driving, her estranged husband is:
a. Claude Rains
b. Robert Donat
c. Laurence Olivier
d. Leslie Fenton

Farrell, Gaynor

7. The love bugs of the 20s in:
a. "The Mad World"
b. "The Single Sin"
c. "X Marks the Spot"
d. "Change of Heart"

Ethel B.

8. It's 12 years since she played in "Rasputin" with her two brothers. Now she's:
a. Ma Mott
b. The Czarina
c. Miss Moffatt
d. The Panther Woman

Paul and Bette

9. "Now, Voyager" got Henreid a boost, got itself an Oscar for:
a. Best photography
b. Best dramatic music score
c. Most expensive wardrobe
d. Longest clinches

the It Girl

10. In the early 20's this was known as "It." She was known as:
a. Vera Vogue
b. Hedy Lamarr
c. Clara Bow
d. Barbara Stanwyck

Nigel Bruce and friend

11. England claims him for her greatest Romeo, Hollywood as its favorite:
a. Hamlet
b. Nero Wolf
c. Simon Templar
d. Sherlock Holmes

haunting question

12. You saw right through her in:
a. "Topper Takes a Trip"
b. "Ghost Goes West"
c. "Farewell My Lovely"
d. "The Invisible Woman"





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