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Picture Parade
Arabian Nights
ARABIAN NIGHTS This tale is threaded with fantasy but it isn't the familiar fable. Instead it is the story of the conflict between two brothers. It is an adventure story, mixing romance and action and it is laid against a colorful (Technicolor) background. If you want to get away from it all this is a good escape. Jon Hall and Leif Erikson are seen as the brothers who struggle for the caliphate and Maria Montez is the dancing girl who realizes her ambition for a successful marriage after she nurses John Hall, who had by shot by his brother, back to health. Sabu is also interesting as a pal of Jon's and during the brawls, chases, etc. we encounter Edgar Harrier, Richard Lane, Turhan Bey and John Qualen. They're all fine. -- Universal.................AAA
China Girl
CHINA GIRL   Gene Tierney plays the title role in this melodrama placed in Mandalay prior to Pearl Harbor. Her vis-a-vis is George Montgomery, an American newsreel cameraman, and there's also Lynn Bari and Victor McLaglen, paid spies. There's nothing new in the plot, which relates the intrigues of the Japs and the opposition of the Chinese to their rule, but this is only background color for the romance between the loosely living-and-loving American and the American-educated Chinese girl. The production values are high and consequently an interesting picture of China before our entry into the war is painted. The cast is competent and also includes Bobby Blake, Sig Ruman, Myron McCormick and Alan Baxter in supporting roles.
20th Century-Fox.....................................AA 1/2
Commandos Strike at Dawn
THE COMMANDOS STRIKE AT DAWN   Even though we have to wait until the end before the Commandos strike, this first major American film exploiting the heroics of these British fighters is as dramatic and exciting as the headlines. Some of it is fiction and some of it slow but as a whole the film, which is actually the tale of the soldier's spirit, is stimulating and suspenseful. It is placed in a small Norwegian fishing village where Erik Toresen, a peace-loving fisherman in 1939, becomes the leader of a movement to wipe out Nazi despotism after the invasion. Paul Muni is splendid in this role and he gets grand cooperation from the supporting cast which includes Anna Lee, Lillian Gish, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Robert Coote, Ray Collins, Rosemary DeCamp and Alexander Knox. -- Columbia ..............................AAA 1/2
Ice-Capade Revue
ICE-CAPADE REVUE   Republic has only ventured on the ice once before but they do very nicely on it. Their skating spectacle is lively and amusing and the strong production and musical numbers more than make up for the weakness of the story. It has an interesting cast since Ellen Drew and Richard Denning handle the romance ,and Jerry Colonna and Barbara Jo Allen the comedy interludes. There are also some talented specialists but Vera Hruba, the Czech figure-skating champ, and Lois Dinieshaski, a rhythm dancer, are outstanding. The story in brief is about a New England farm girl (Ellen Drew) who inherits a bankrupt ice show. She is hindered by an unscrupulous competitor but is helped by one of his employees (Richard Denning). Don't put this one on ice. --Republic........................................AAA
Keeper of the Flame
KEEPER OF THE FLAME   Adapted from I.A. R. Wylie's popular novel, this is a melodramtic story with a mystery. It probably read better than it unreels, for it is heavy on dialogue and footage. The plot, which is rather involved, revolves around a World War I hero who is killed in an automobile accident in the beginning sequence of the film. At the funeral, a war correspondent recently returned from overseas suspects something wrong and decides to do a little detecting, in the meantime falling in love with the widow. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn portray these parts with conviction with Tracy having an edge on la Hepburn's histrionics. The supporting cast -- Richard Whorf, Margaret Wycherly, Frank Craven and Darryl Hickman, to name a few -- is excellent. --Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ............................AAA

from Picture Parade, 1943

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