Bijou Follies - Salute to Hollywood at War

We Salute Hollywood at War!
from Modern Screen magazine, February 1943

In H'wood, morale isn't just a pretty face.
It's laughs for the homesick --- blood for the wounded
---millions for guns!
Clark Gable

Clark Gable, anxious to shake off old ties, got into the Big Scrap, took 11 weeks of stiff training and blisters to earn his gold Lieut's bars.   Jim Cagney succeeded him as Chairman of the actors' division of the H'wood Victory Com.  And believe us, nobody has to ask what Hollywood is doing in this war!  To date, its War Bond sales amount to $838,250,000!  Among the things that this sum can buy are 8 battleships for your sons!  Or 24 cruisers for your brothers. 670 sub chasers, 120 subs, or tanks, bombers, or fighters!  Our boys aren't going to die for lack of equipment, ever again, and we can thank our "stars" for much of the good work!

Dorothy Lamour
Dottie Lamour has swept the country like a forest fire. If you haven't bought a bond from Dottie, you ain't lived.  She's sold $37, 431,186 worth!  Once auctioned off her hankie for $10,000.
Similarly, a lock of the famous Lake hair went for $25,000; Don Wilson's pants for $5,000 more.


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