Bijou Follies - Salute to Hollywood at War

We Salute Hollywood at War!
from Modern Screen magazine, February 1943

Bob Hope
Bob Hope's the stuff that soldiers' dreams are made of! He's the guy they'd like to give a Congressional Medal. The way he and the gang -- Frances Langford, Professor Colonna -- have flown to Alaska and the Aleutians to entertain. The way he's brought his show into the Canteen, broadcasting from there. .
Grable, Hayworth
Stars on nationwide tours have traveled one million miles. Two such are Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth. Rita visited 6 camps, autographed by the thousand, came back from Texas with a full- fledged nervous breakdown from over-enthusiasm!  Betty's camp total was 5; she Canteen-queens it every spare second.
John Payne
John Payne and Jane Wyman toured, collected a neat $52,000 in Norfolk, Va.  And in No. Carolina, John sang a song for each person who bought $15,000 in Bonds!  Many stars have left the good old U.S. to spread enjoyment -- Jinx Falkenburg and the Ritz Bros flew, did 60 shows in the Panama Canal Zone.
Menjou, Pidgeon
To Boeing Aircraft Co. in Seattle came Walter Pidgeon and Adolophe Menjou to ask workers for bigger, better War Bond sales. Seattle's famous Victory Square was agog!  Since the H'wood Victory Committee's formation 608 players have made a total of  2,923 p.o.'s in connection with Bonds, charities!
Davis, McCrae
Bette Davis (above, with Joel McCrea) is the lady Bob Hope. She's the gal who completed a Bond tour, ill; sold a can of oil in Ohio for $100,000, worked like crazy to make the Canteen grow! Said Canteen has fed 300,000 boys, used 3,000 lbs.of java, 60,000 gals. of orange juice, 150,000 packs of cigs!
Wyman, Reagan
With Ronnie in the Army, Jane Wyman's been touring, helping in any way she can. Stars like Merle Oberon, Martha Raye, Edw. G. Robinson and Al Jolson have gone overseas to cheer troops. Others have taken part in 220 special broadcasts for Gov. agencies such as the War and Treas. Depts, and the Navy.
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