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sworn in as private
Ty Power was sworn in as private in the U.S.Marines by Maj. Wm. A. Howard last Aug.  Before going on active duty, he helped Quakers raise money to buy milk for children of Unoccupied France.

Tyrone and Annabella
Mr. and Mrs. Ty (French actress Annabella) made folks pay for a good cause, with a Free French garden party held at their home.  There was an outdoor dance floor and an orchestra. Tickets were sold even for refreshments!
Pride of the Yanks
Those people who whispered . . . "dependents" . . . "vital to the industry. . . ."
into Ty Power's ears . . . can tell it to the Marines!   
For his is the steep and honorable path . . . private, Leatherneck Corps!
with Ann Baxter
Ann Baxter smiles for co-star Power's camera.  They made 20th-Fox's "Crash Dive" together.  The authentic background material for the pic came straight from the U.S. submarine base at New London, Conn.
with Barbara Stanwyck
During their joint appearance on the Lux Radio Theater, Babs Stanwyck admired Ty's Marine Corps insignia, then promptly bawled him out for saying she made him self-conscious. Said he should be proud!

from Motion Picture magazine, June 1943                       continue

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