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Funny coincidence -- Ty enlisted in the Marines,
in Washington, at the moment Hank Fonda signed up in the Navy, on the West Coast.  Rumor hath it that Annabella will come East for a stage job after Marine P. goes.
Ty Power
"PEOPLE ASK, and I say he's a private in the Marines," Annabella smiled softly. "I think I am prouder to say that than if he is a general or an admiral."
   As this is written, Ty Power is finishing "Crash Dive," his last picture till after the war is won. When you read it, he will be in training with the Marines at San Diego. He can't wait to go. His impatience is such that sometimes Annabella gets mad at him. In words only she gets mad, because inside she knows exactly how he feels.
   Since the day of Pearl Harbor they both knew he'd be going, though neither said so. Annabella wasn't in the room when Ty happened to switch a radio dial as the news crashed through. He went to find her. Tyrone keeps his emotions in hand. If his eyes blazed, his voice was quiet. "Well, we're in for it now," he said.
   Her eyes widened. Her shoulders lifted in a small Gallic movement. That was all.  But each knew what the other meant more surely than if they'd cried it from the housetop. Later Annabella put that moment into words.  "It was the first good-bye."
   This is the story of how one man worked out his place in the scheme of war, how one woman met his decision. It's interesting, not because they're movie stars, but because their experience is representative. Their thoughts, their feelings, have been and are being duplicated a millionfold all over America. The central figures here are no longer Tyrone and Annabella of Hollywood, but Mr. and Mrs. Ty Power in the year of our Lord 1943, which is separating more husbands and wives than any year in history.

from Motion Picture magazine, June 1943                       continue

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