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   As she left it to him to choose his own time for speaking, so she left his other decisions to him. For reasons as wise as they're charmingly expressed. Most little girls, Annabella thinks, want to be little boys. She never did. She loved being a girl -- she loved dolls and pretty dresses, she loved everybody to be nice with her, and that her father had a little preference for her because she was a girl. Now for the first time in her life she wants to be a man. Because, during wartime, girls are doing the best they can, but still they are just second. Second to men. Well then, since you can't be a man, at least you must not make it difficult for him, already it is tough enough. The girl has to help, but not to suggest and advise-- which is, perhaps, to confuse and irritate. It is he who takes the danger, it is he who must make the decision. So when Tyrone talked, she listened. When he asked, she answered.

Several circumstances combined to send Ty to the Marines -- the formation in the country of a glider school, a talk with General Denig of the Marines, a training film he saw, a visit to Camp Elliott. He could get glider training either in the Army or the Marines. Then he met General Denig. The General struck a deeply responsive chord when he said: "We're first and foremost a combative outfit. No matter in what capacity you join, your first job is to learn how to use a gun. A doctor goes out with a gun and a scalpel. A correspondent goes out with a gun and a typewriter. He picks up the gun first and the typewriter second. If it's still around. If he's still around."

Ty chuckled. That, he thought, was the spirit. He found it again in a March of Time release, called "These Are the Marines," a film that showed the devil-dogs in training. If you've seen it, you know how tough that training is. It appealed to something fundamental in Ty. Leaving the theater, he mused: "Ild better give up smoking, I'll need all my breath," then remembered he wasn't a Marine yet.

tough cookies....

At Camp Elliott all the men were pretty tough cookies. He liked their combination of independence and discipline. He liked the fact that no one got preferential treatment. He met the head of paratroops, and promptly decided he was the kind of man you'd like to work under. Instinctively you gave him respect and confidence. If anyone could get you out of a jam, this fellow could. To make it short, Ty liked the Marines.
  So one day he and Annabella took the train to Washington and were very gay. Most of us will recognize the mood as she described it. "It's as when you go to the hospital for an operation. You act as if you were doing that every morning. You talk a little louder, you laugh a little harder. You try to be so normal, and of course you are not, because when you feel normal, you don't have to try."

Came the afternoon in Washington when, before leaving the hotel, he took both her hands. "Darling, when I come back, I'll be in." She nodded, she kissed him and watched him go. Then she went out herself.  Always when she is nervous, she has to walk. She walked round and around the Navy building, forcing her mind away from herself and Ty, thinking of all those other men, all those other women, here and all over the world, struggling toward the same high goal -- the liberation of peoples, including the liberation of her own beloved France.

from Motion Picture magazine, June 1943                       continue

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