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Saturday Night at Debbie's
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Holding her nose delicately, Dawn Addams poo-poos Dick Anderson's chop suey, Once she got a taste of it, she changed her mind and cleaned the plate!

The Philly Fudge recipe was so easy that Jeff Hunter and Dick, who didn't know a ladle from a strainer, acted like experts.

Barbara and Debbie dish out the toasted noodles while the boys give their chop suey a final once-over.

The fudge was all gone by the time Debbie's friend Jeanette Johnson got to it, but there were still plenty of laughs, and a Coke or two.

After food came billiards for Dawn (see her in MGM's Hour of 13) and Dick (of MGM's Just This Once). Dick made the chop suey!

Bob Wagner (of With a Song in My Heart) led Debbie to drink! Her latest hit is Singin' in the Rain.


from Modern Screen, April 1952

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