Bijou Follies - 50s B Feature

Hugh O'Brien, Scott Brady, John Bromfield, Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis sit on hot shelves of various tempertures at the Finlandia Baths.

Stag Night

at the

Steam Room

Rock takes a close shave as Tony and John relax.
The heat's on at Finlandia, the only place where a man's put on the shelf - and likes it!

"You should be in the gambling racket, son," Scott tells Tony, who is beating him soundly at gin rummy. Hugh kibitzes while Rock gets a salt rubdown in the next room so he can go back to the steam room and sweat some more.


Chowtime at Finlandia is a special priviledge. Sam Amundsen, owner of the Finnish baths, provides such a spread only for men who make a party of coming down to his establishment.
The hungry mob wastes no time digging in.

from Modern Screen, October 1950


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