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Tiziana | @
Here I have seen the most wonderful Charles' pictures and articles. Thank you for posting them! Love this website. And Charles too, of course
17 February 2017 - Italy

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12 November 2016 - fdsf

David | @
who is the author of this poem?
23 April 2014 - Adelaide, Australia.

Presley Wallace | @
Goodness me I love this website, Charles Boyer was such a delightful actor in his day, and not to mention he's my number one heart throb in my day. Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time when Hollywood was at its best and Mr. Boyer was still alive and thriving.
10 January 2014 - United States

Sue Judith Gartman | @
I love the old movies and have seen some Charles Boyer pictures on TCM. He was always very romantic, in an old fashioned way, which I like to see.
21 July 2013 - Ardmore, Pennsylvania

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