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Esther | @
Amazing legendary actor! Also, he was sooo handsome! Those eyes!!!
17 October 2011 - Chicago

Marya OB | @
Such a very informative site. A great tribute to a great actor! They don't make movie actors like Charles Boyer anymore.
6 August 2011 - Massachusetts

Wonderfull, wonderfull site on such a great movie star. I have a question. Did Charles and his lovely wife have a villa in Majorca in the early 70s? and if so where? Ive searched and searched and cant find anything at all.
20 May 2011 - UK

Valerie Purves | @
wonderful site absolutely favourite screen actor even though before my time he could express every emotion and was so beautiful both outwardly and inside too- it seemed to me that he could possibly have been a depressive- in order to convey such a wealth of acting talent-and on reading the autobiography he seems to have been introspective intellectual a spiritual man of great perception and ability - apparently he feared the moral decline-warfare etc of the world in his life time goodness knows what he would think of it now-I look forward to meeting him in the resurrection spoken of in the bible book of the apostle John chp 5 verses 28,29 A marvellous actor and a gentleman
Thanks so much for this excellent site.
13 September 2010 - UK

SueJean | @
Ohhhh, how well I remember Mr. Boyer's performance in Gaslight. He swept me off of my feet!
25 August 2010 - Pittsburgh, PA

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