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Sue Judith Gartman | @
I love the old movies and have seen some Charles Boyer pictures on TCM. He was always very romantic, in an old fashioned way, which I like to see.
21 July 2013 - Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Shea | @
I saw Gaslight when I was younger and became freaked out by Mr. Boyer. I saw 'Together Again' the other night and I didn't realize what I was missing. What a beautiful man.
11 April 2012

Wendy Raven | @
I was so floored by the photograph of Charles that I forgot to add that your site is gorgeous! Extremely well done and a joy to view! thank you!
3 February 2012 - Vermont

Wendy Raven | @
If a woman can be in love with a man long gone, I am she. Charles, what can I say? You are the sexiest man that ever lived! What would I give to sit and gaze into those amazing eyes?
2 February 2012 - Vermont

Dianne Hoover | @
looking for CD of Where does love come from.
26 December 2011 - Missouri

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