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Nancy Stefanik | @
I've been a fan of Mr. Cagney's since I was 12. I saw "Angels With Dirty Faces" on a local Sunday morning TV broadcast (Sunday Morning Adventure Theater) I've loved him ever since. I've been to his farm in Stanfordville, NY. It's a beautiful piece of property that will take your breath away. There will never be another Cagney.
3 June 2014 - Massachusetts

Cathy Austin | @
I LOVE you. Your movies captured my attention. I am just sorry that you will never see my message. I would really like an autographed picture of you, I guess it is too late for that. You will live on in the movies and I will watch everyone I can get. You're the greatest actor I've ever seen.
1 June 2014 - Dallas Texas

Lisa Weiner | @
To James Cagney,
you were a very talented actor. You great as Yankee Doodle. My prayers go to you MR. Cagney. Lisa Weiner
12 May 2014 - Brooklyn. NY

Michele | @
I saw clip - I believe it was on TV, not online - of James Cagney dancing. It is not "Yankee Doodle Dandy", nor is it the clip with Bob Hope. In this piece, it is obvious that he has studied ballet. It's black & white, and seems to be from the 30s. Does anyone know what film this is?
OK to email me if you know.
15 September 2013 - Los Angeles

Sue Judith Gartman | @
I think James Cagney was a wonderful actor. When he played George M. Cohan, in Yankee Doodle Dandy, Mr. Cagney was such a joy to watch. Glad he won that year for best actor. He seems to put all his heart and soul in each of his performances. You want to call out his name and have him look at you.
21 July 2013 - Ardmore, Pennsylvania

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