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Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!!
17 July 2013 - ny

Dennis | @
check out Cagneys counterpart at Warners John Garfield Guestbook.excellent site.and a great actor also
26 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Richard | @
Just finished watching Shake Hands With The Devil, one of JC's last films. What a powerful performance, just reaffirms how talented an actor James Cagney was. But I have been watching his films for years, so I knew that a long time ago. My all time favorite Cagney film is The Strawberry Blonde, which gives us a little glimpse of the man's real character. I have also read it was one of his personal favorites.
17 March 2013 - Pa

carmela | @
I met Cagney in 1981 at Yankees World series game. I was 17 and in awe! He was sitting a few seats away from us. The crowd was singing Yankee Doodle.and Jim was crying. I walked near him with my brother and said "Hello". He said "Hello" back. I am only sorry I didn't say more or ask for his autograph. He was the best and we miss him very much!!!
15 January 2013 - United States

Gary Ferguson | @
what an actor a one off.
18 December 2012 - Aberdeen Scotland

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