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Happy Birthday Jimmy. You were the best. Thank-you for all the great films you have given us to enjoy. TCM will have a day in August dedicated to James Cagney, one of the finest actors to ever grace the silver screen.
17 July 2012 - NY

Lisa Sanita | @
I've been a Cagney fan since I was 12 Years old.I even went to his funeral and also bid on some of his personal items at the Doyle gallery.He was the greatest actor ever to grace the silver screen. His versatility is unmatched by any actor in the history of the movies.
9 June 2012 - Mahopac , NY

tessa | @
i want to know more about the cagney's children's caregivers.i understand that they ripped off the cagney's farm on martha's vineyard and made a lot of trouble for the family
6 April 2012 - worcester,mass

Remembering you today Jimmy, you are never forgotten, RIP.
30 March 2012 - ny

frank ferro | @
One of my favorite actors of all time.When I saw Yankee Doodle Dandy on tv when I was a kid back in the 1950's I thought even then wow what a great movie! I always thought he was just a real gentleman and cool guy, No other like him.
31 January 2012 - Brooklyn

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