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Cheryl Swain Burbage | @
Just watched Yankee Doodle Dandy for about the hundredth time. What a wonderful actor-and guy. I remember thinking when he died that eighty years wasn't nearly long enough and that we'd never see his like again-and we never have.
4 December 2011 - Belleville, IL

Richard T. Wilson | @
Great site. If I may just one correction to Titian Red and Delft Blue.
Jim's last role before he died was actually in Terrible Joe Moran in 1984, he passed away in 1986.
Ragtime was his last theatrical film
made in 1981. He was encouraged to take
the role in the television film Terrible Joe Moran as a means of not only acting again, but also as a way to help him deal with health problems
and inactivity.
4 September 2011 - Trenton, NJ

Sheila | @
Happy belated birthday, Jim!! Haven't forgotten, just didn't have time to post on the site. Since TCM didn't bother, I spent July 17th watching my own collection of your movies. May the angels continue to watch over you -- with love always.
8 August 2011 - Chicago

Marya OB | @
One in a million actor! Truly deserved all the accolades and praises he recieved in his lifetime. This site is a perfect homage to Mr. Cagney. Thanks you! Looking forward to other sited you may have on Ronald Colman, Gary Cooper, Myrna Loy, Carole Lombard, Greer Garson and the other greats.
7 August 2011 - Massachusetts

Sonya Golden | @
Oh my god I just love Cagney! I am so very happy to find a great message board to join other's who feel the same.

1 August 2011 - now-hagerstown-but Annapolis origionally

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