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Frances McSheffrey | @
Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!!! the cake is baked.the root beer floats are just about ready!!! love you with all my heart.and always will xooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoo
17 July 2011 - Forest Park,United States

Happy birthday in heaven Jimmy,one day early,thanx for the memories.
16 July 2011 - ny

I had the honor of having Mr. Cagney walk by me in my boss's insurance brokerage in Newport Beach in 79? 80? His horse had just been struck by lightening and he came to visit his sister Jeanne and see if his horse insurance would cover the loss of his beloved horse. The look his soft blue eyes gave me and ever slight wink he alighted on my completely dumbfounded and elated 22 years of age to this day gives me joy and literally hope and gratitude that Mr. Cagney was allowed to be in our world and if we chose to be a better human being for it. It's a longer story than that, and it's late in California. Raise your glasses and toast and honor the man who was one of the kindest, most gentle, most honest, most decent and giving gentleman from the Greatest Generation this earth has ever known since St. Francis of Assisi. To Mr. James Cagney - and his beloved wonderful wife Bill. God bless their memories and I thank God for them. We miss you, Mr. Cagney. - Grammach go bragh- NanceJane
7 June 2011 - Northern California

It's been twenty~five years since you've been gone, but we will never forget you Jim. Love ya always!
30 March 2011 - Chicago

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