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Well jim, another year! two more days and it will be your birthday!!! having our always.gonna decorate.bake the cake.get everything ready to celebrate your day!!! love ya jim.always have.always will xoxoxoxoox love, frances
15 July 2010

John | @
Its all Madonna's fault!

On her 1986 album "True Blue" is a song called White Heat featuring dialogue from the James Cagney movie of the same name, it instantly became a favourite of mine and so some months later I came across White Heat on TV, not only was I blown away by the story, its characters, and the direction of the film but most of all by the powerhouse performance by Cagney himself.

White Heat to this day is among my favourite movies of all time and Cagney among my favourite actors.

Feel free to visit my James Cagney fansite:
10 June 2010 - UK

Prophetess Annie Holloway | @
James Cagney is my favorite actor back then and now the man was remarkable. When I were 10 years old I watched his movie "White Heat" with mother this were my first time watching a gangster movie
5 June 2010 - Alexandria Louisana

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