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I've been an old movie fan all my life, so how did I miss Cagney till now? I think it's because I was never into gangster movies. I had no idea what a wonderful dancer her was till now, and I am avidly gobbling up every film I can see, including the gangster movies. A sweet, exemplary, multi-faceted human being, with a magnetically gorgeous presence. They don't make 'em like that anymore!
9 May 2016 - Portland, OR

Thank you for this lovely site dedicated to the very gorgeous James Cagney.
No one could ever come close to playing the characters he did, with such honesty and charisma. You feel like you know Jimmy just by watching his films, such a truly talented man.
I love him! He could shove a grapefruit in my face any day!!!
27 May 2015 - Lowestoft, UK

Monica McCabe | @
P.S. Cagney's adopted son was James Cagney Jr.
14 January 2015 - Motor city

Monica McCabe | @
Wonderful Cagney tribute however there are two errors. Cagney's eyes were GREEN and the last photo is NOT his wife Bill!! It's Margaret Lindsay!
14 January 2015 - the motor city

Linda K. | @
I forgot to mention: I love you!!!
20 October 2014 - Detroit, MI

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