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Dennis | @
Love James Cagney, the best movie stat IMO that ever lived, bar none. I do wish he would have made a movie with my personal favorite actor that being John Garfield. They were suppose to make Invisible Stripes together, but for some reason it didnt happen. I think they would have made a great team together.
3 September 2009 - Hamburg NY

costa | @
I watched blood on the sun.his judo techniques for a 40s year old beginer.(no stunt men real judo)his in structor Kenenth kiyuiki(9 dan)said he was a fairly good sho dan(1st degree)de did his own stunts.good for a man in his 40s.
2 September 2009 - dixon ca.

Sheila | @
John, you are right on the money with the films you have listed. I've seen every one of his films myself, but the ones you chose are the quintessential Cagney. The best of the best - from the greatest talent that ever graced the big screen and a wonderful human being
9 August 2009 - Chicago,IL

My essential James Cagney films:

1 Yankee Doodle Dandy
2 Angels Wih Dirty Faces
3 The Strawberry Blonde
4 13 Rue Madelaine
5 Footlight Parade
6 The Fighting 69th
7 G-Men
8 Love Me Or Leave Me
9 Man Of A Thousand Faces
10 The Public Enemy
11 The Roaring Twenties
12 White Heat
13 Each Dawn I Die
14 These Wilder Years
15 One Two Three
16 Mayor Of Hell
17 Ceiling Zero
18 City For Conquest
19 Mister Roberts
20 Blonde Crazy
21 Blood On the Sun

Having seen everyone of his 60+ films, I believe these are his best 21 films mixing in all his styles very well. From the young to middle age to old, you have it all in these 21 films. If you want to see Cagney and Robinson together try Smart Money, the only film they have ever done together. However not a great film. For someone just discovering Cagney, these 21 films are a must see before anything else Cagney in my opinion.
9 August 2009 - ny

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