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Gary Koca | @
I just cannot believe that a major star of the magnitude of Dana Andrews does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That should be rectified immediately!
25 April 2011 - Chicago

Mark | @
I recently saw again (for the umpteenth time) Best Years of Our Lives. Not only is it a travesty that Dana Andrews was not nominated for his role as Fred Derry, but he should have won best actor outright! Just my opinion.
5 April 2011 - Seattle, Washington

Dana Andrews has been one of my favorite actors since I was a child. His turns in "Laura" (of course) and "Fallen Angel" were the gold standard of film noir heroes. Even in films I weren't so crazy about, his presence in them, made them enjoyable. I don't think he got the credit he deserved as an outstanding actor.
28 March 2011 - Huntsville, Alabama

Elizabeth Davis | @
I just finished writing a long message about Dana, and got knocked off of this site, so I'll make it short. I love anything he did. My favorites are "My Foolish Heart" ,"The Best Years of Our Lives" and of course "Laura!" He was so under-rated as an actor, never tried to steal a scene and that smile.
26 March 2011 - Elkton, MD

I love Dana Andrews!!
21 January 2011

Dewey Nordgren | @
I had the honor of having lunch with Dana Andrews in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was a friend of my uncle.They met at the Hazeldon Treatment Center. It was around 1970-71. We then saw the play "Marriage Go Round" with his wife Mary. Dana
was a great guy and what an opportunity to see and visit with him. After the show was over, he offered to give me a ride to get my car at a parking ramp downtown. I will always remember this
wonderful human being.
24 December 2010 - Siren, Wisconsin

Charles Hasley | @
Fallen Angel a wonderful movie, they don't make then like that any more.
3 December 2010 - Bowling Green Ky

Gary Koca | @
I am a big fan of the old movies of the 1930's through 1950's, and Dana Andrews is one of my favorite stars of that era. He was always understated in his roles, but very effective. Perhaps the best Hollywood movie of all time is The Best Lives of Our Lives; while Frederick March got top billing and won the Oscar for best actor that year, it is Dana Andrews who really delivers the key performance of that film. The movie really revolves around his story more that that of the other two veterans. He was terrific in movies like Laura and Where the Sidewalk Ends.
12 October 2010 - Pingree Grove, Illinois

Susan D. | @
I recently saw The Best Years of our Lives. As a spouse of a current military member, I was stunned that almost 55 years later we are discussing the same issues that affect men and women after they return home from war. Your father's performance was so believeable. I was wondering if he based his portrayal of his character on anyone?
12 October 2010 - Wake Forest, NC

Hi, on my other post I said he could be seen in The Barbara Standwyck Show season two, that should of been season one vol. two.sorry.
12 June 2010 - KY

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