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I have love to watch Dana Andrews since I first watched The Best Years of Our Lives and State Fair. I was really happy to find this page where I could read more about his personal life and to see his family. It's nice to know that he had a good family. Now I have been trying to watch anything that I can find on him. Just bought The Barbara Stanwyck Show season two because he is suppose to be in it.
12 June 2010 - KY

Elizabeth and Nicholas Barranca | @
We are fans of Dana Andrews and love his films! He was a very talented and gifted actor! It is always a pleasure to watch his films! Thank you for creating such a fabulous site! What a wonderful tribute to Mr. Andrews!
We have some vintage magazine clippings of Mr. Andrews. Would it be possible to send them to his daughter Susan Andrews via a business agent ? We thought she and her family would enjoy them! We are fans of vintage Hollywood and have many, many clippings!
Thank you again and again for honoring Mr. Andrews!
1 June 2010 - Ijamsville, Maryland

Shari Greene | @
Just received yesterday from Amazon the first book on Dana Andrews, It is called "Dana Andrews The Face of Noir" by James MacKay. There is a biography; and then he covers Mr. Andrews films from Lucky Cisco Kid to Prince Jack; an Appendix of Major Television, Theatre and Radio credits. There are number of pictures in the book. As information only.
25 May 2010 - Los Angeles

Dennis Bunker | @
Hi Susan,
Your father was my favorite. I had the opportunity to talk recenlty to actor Norman Lloyd who worked with your father in the films "A Walk in the Sun" and " No Minor Vices." He spoke highly of your father. I look forward to reading the authorized biography. It is long overdue.
26 April 2010 - Burbank, CA

Shari Greene | @
When I was a young child I use to watch classic movies all the time. Not enough original programming to fill the hours of 50's TV. Of course, my favorite actor was Dana Andrews. I grew up and would see him during the years in a movie or a program; but recently I saw "The Best Years of Our Lives" which truly moved me and I wondered if he had been nominated for his performance. The answer is "No", but he should have been. But it lead me to watch his movies I had never seen. He always gave a good performance, but I don't feel he was given the type of movie that would allow him to build on Ox Bow, Laura and Best Years, and take him to the next step of stardom. He certainly had the talent.
8 April 2010 - Los Angeles, CA

John | @

Your Dad was a tremendous actor and I am wondering if this book will contain a nice amount of photos? It is a shame he never had a FILMS OF citadel press book. Any other info. on book is appreciated. John
24 March 2010 - ny

Jerry Kovar | @
Hi. I'm researching Neville Brand who appeared with Mr. Andrews (who was excellent) in Where the Sidewalk Ends. Does anyone know of any stories about the two of them working on this film together.
23 March 2010 - United States

Terry Crow | @
My favorite Dana Andrews movie is Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Those who have not seen this one should. A great, versatile actor who was good as both a hero and a heavy.
11 March 2010 - Whittier, CA

Susan Andrews
I have just discovered your site and I am very touched by those of you who admire my father. He was indeed a very impressive guy with a fascinating life. A fine biographer named Carl Rollyson is currently working on an authorized biography, although others are or have been in the works as well. It seems Dana is having a resurgence of well-earned popularity. Keep up the good work; this site is a treat.
I have wonderful cherished memories of my handsome and loving dad which I get to keep with me always, as do my sister and brother - and you all do too via his films.
20 February 2010 - San Francisco

Joanne D'Elia | @
I love Dana Andrews. forever alive and handsome in Heaven,, with my very own wonderful and handsome Dad Frank. I loved Mr. Andrews in "The Best Years Of Our Lives", and "Laura" also in the episode of the "Twilight Zone",,, I wish TCM,, would do a talk with relatives,, daughters, etc. and show a classic film with this nice, handsome actor. God Bless in Heaven
14 February 2010 - Bronx, New York

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