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dana lehto | @
I was named after mr andrews,mymothers favorite actor. I just thought id see who he was.
29 March 2009 - phoenix area

Alex Roman of | @
I love your site and I recently did a blog about Dana Andrews on my own. I created a link to yours. Thank you for celebrating a wonderful and an amazing actor!

All the best,


8 February 2009 - Los Angeles & San Francisco

Tom | @
Our trivia team is preparing for 50 hour trivia contest here in Central Minnesota, scheduled for Feb 13-15. The teams have been given some photos, about thirty, which will be interspersed among the 450 questions aked of the teams over the 50 hours. We've gotten most of them but are stuck on one. It's a shot of Dana Andrews, standing on a makeshift stage in what appears to be a WWII defense plant. To his right is a person who looks like Freddie March and next to him a woman who looks like it could be Virginia Mayo. There is another older gentleman on stage with them and one dapper looking younger man standing off stage in the three piece suit. Looks a lot like ERnest Hemingway but I'm sure it isn't. The stage is surrounded by a lot of what look like defense plant workers. March is in military uniform but Andrews is in a suit. I've seen TBYOUL many times and an hoping that some Dana Andrew's fan has seen this photo and can tell me its background. Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.
20 January 2009 - Central Minnesota

Leroy Wight | @
I have an old photograph of some radio stars from the 1940's. It looks to me like Dana may be one of the gentleman pictured, but I'm not certain.
If you think you may be able to confirm whether or not it is him, please contact me. Thank you.
14 January 2009 - Michigan

I love Dana Andrews! He is so handsome! I love the old movies and I wish the men looked like him these days!
18 December 2008 - Virginia

Caroline | @
I'm also a big fan of Dana Andrews : I saw many of his films, he is a wonderful actor with expressive intelligent eyes (and a bright radiant smile !). My daughter is 15 and also a big fan, so he will remain alive for a long time and will not be forgotten !
Merry X'mas and greetings from Switzerland
16 December 2008 - Switzerland

Dana | @
My dad's in his late 70's, a few weeks ago, I asked him out of curiosity where he got my name from. I was shocked at his answer, " I named you after, My favorite Cowboy actor Dana Andrews." I knew all the cowboys and he wasn't on my A list. A little looking and viewing some of his work, and I was so impressed with his ability on screen . His off screen work is also notable. Add me to the fan club, cant wait to watch "Oxbow " soon as the DVD comes in. "Dana"
12 October 2008 - Billings, Montana

Anne | @
Thank you so much for making this website. I adore Dana Andrews and am so thrilled to read the articles about him. It's a shame that more people don't appreciate him. It sounds like he was a fine fellow which goes far beyond acting.
5 October 2008

I always knew who Dana Andrews was and liked him, but only recently since Fox has released many noir films on DVD have I been able to study his work and discover what a really fine actor and dynamic screen presence he was! For my money he was a better actor than say Tyrone Power, and had a darker, smokier appeal that pre-dated fifties stars like William Holden. Dark, soulful eyes and a wonderful speaking voice. One DVD had an audio commentary by his daughter Susan and I was wondering if there is any way to contact her.
21 September 2008 - New Jersey

Peter Edwards | @
What a great website. I too am a huge Dana Andrews fan and was pleased to get the DVD of The Best Years of Our Lives which like others here was the first movie that I saw him in.
Great things DVDs as they allow you to watch it over and over again and I never tire of watching this classic.
One small warning, though. If you buy it, and you are an American don't buy it in England like I did.
I went shopping in London and bought it in a Virgin Superstore I think they call it and found out that it would not play on my player at home.
Region restrictions apparently stop you from using a DVD in Europe on American players.
After a lot of tearing my hair out I was given a solution that worked wonders from DVD Unlocks 4U or DVDUnlocks4u I think and have been able to play the DVD find for some time now.
Great service if I may say so as I thought I had no chance of getting this disc to play.
Thanks for this great site and it really brings home how great this actor really is.
31 August 2008 - Ohio

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