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Stephen St. John | @
Excellent site. I enjoyed watching the Twilight Zone as a child, and I remember one episode in particular that stood out because of Mr. Andrew's larger-than-life performance. On a more pesonal note, I did hear my mother mention Dana Andrews (once) as a child (I am 43 years old now!), and that she dated David Andrews, the son of Dana Andrews, while she attended Florida State University. The little bit of information I found thus far indicates David worked as a composer. Does anyone know his work by chance? I know he reportedly died in 1964, but does anyone know where?
29 August 2008 - Jacksonville Florida (now working for US military overseas)

Heather | @
I've been a big fan of Dana Andrews for a long time. It was wonderful to find this site recently. The magazine articles are fantastic. I'm in my 40's and am a longtime movie classic fan. Dana Andrews just has that charm and likability that not many stars have today. Thanks for this wonderful site with great pics and info.
31 July 2008 - Santa Barbara, CA

G. Andrews | @
A much underated and stylish actor. Have seen TBYOTL many times and remains one of my all time favourite movies. The social commentary of the time, (which even remains relevent today), the humour, the romance and the three very different life paths of the main characters make this a wonderful film, the like's of which I doubt will ever be recreated for the screen.
12 July 2008 - Hampshire - United Kingdom

Melisa | @
I'm so glad I came across this site. Over the past year, I've developed a great interest in the classics, primarily the time period of the 40's to 50's. I wasn't born when most of Dana Andrews' movies came out, but I absolutely ADORE him! I can't explain my fascination, so I won't even try. The first movie I saw with him was The Best Years of Our Lives. It initially caught my attention, because I'm a veteran. But once I started watching, I was completely entranced by this man. I've now seen the movie three times and would watch it again, without a second thought. LOL I also saw The Ox Bow Incident and Laura, and plan on starting my collection of his movies over the next few months. Thank you, Dana, for the legacy that you've left behind. Those years must have been a grand time for you, despite the ups and downs. Rest in Peace. ;-)
4 July 2008 - Miami, FL

Dana Andrew Carlson | @
Just so you all know, I was named after Dana Andrews!!!!
How cool is that!
29 June 2008 - Red Deer Alberta Canada

I just found your website and am totally impressed! Dana Andrews is my favorite actor. I love the graphics on this site, and especially enjoy the "magazine" section with the pictures and articles. Thanks for making such an Auewsome site!
15 May 2008 - USA

gerri i | @
great website. have been a fan of dana andrews for a long time as well as his brother, steve forrest. The best years of our lives is a wonderful movie. one of his best roles. they just don't make them like that anymore.
8 February 2008 - missouri

Elissa | @
Finally, a first rate Dana Andrews site!! He's one of my favorite actors and I greatly enjoy Dana Andrews films. I was happily suprised to find this spectacular site. Thanks Julie!
27 January 2008 - California

What a great site. Did you know the actor Steve Forrest is Dana Andrews brother. I loved the part Dana played in my favorite movie "The Best Years of Our Lives". He did a superb job as Fred. I think I seen this movies 20 times!
I also like Dana in another favorite movie of mine "In Harms Way"
I try to collect items on all my favorites and I am proud to say I have 2 signatures of Dana.
He appeared with Gene Tireney in 5 films. Laura is a favorite of mine too and Gene was a real beauty!
Thanks for such a great site devoted to a very under appreciated & overlooked actor.
Just wonderful :)
7 January 2008 - Pa

Rosie Simkins | @
What a super website for Mr. Andrews. It's a fine tribute to a fine actor. My fav film of his is The Best Years. followed by Laura.
15 December 2007 - Wa.

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