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Maria Berlo | @ | url
I would be interested to know if he ever went back to Romania. I assume he still had relatives there. Did he have fond memories of the time he spent there? Did he teach you any Romanian? Except his place of birth, his biography does not make any other reference to his roots, but being Jewish. Thank you for your time.
25 October 2005 - Canada

Response:   Dear Maria,
Eddie was invited to go back to Romania back in the late 1960's. He enjoyed the trip very much and was treated wonderfully by the Romanian people. Eddie was regarded as one of the most well-known and respected native sons from Romania.. He was honored by the Romanian Film Industry. They welcomed him with open arms.
The US government warned him, prior to leaving, to watch what he said around lightbulbs...The rooms were probably bugged.
He visited the house in which he grew up and the experience overall, was a very pleasant one.
I have no knowledge of any relatives living there at this point.
I learned but a few words in the Romanian. But Eddie always went on about the wonderful Romanian dishes his beloved mother cooked! And that the main Boulevard in Bucharest was like the Champs d'Elysee in Paris!

Yes, he loved his native land!


Ben Reeves
Went to the EGR Festival at CSUN last night..Saw 'Whole Town's Talking'..
Bob Beck and Connie Sawyer spoke.
Wonderful evening!
21 October 2005 - Canoga Park, CA

Response:   Dear Ben,
Wasn't it wonderful? We a good time also, and couldn't stop laughing at all the timeless comic moments in "The Whole Town's Talking". And very special thanks to our webmistress Julie, who recommended that we screen this particular film.
Great choice!


Mary | url
Hi, I'm glad that there is finally a good site for Eddie. My father was a patient of your Grandfather's brother back in the 60's. My sisters also went to him. Eddie's brother was a very kind man from what I remember of him. I don't want to give out any further info about him on Internet. At least not without your permission. But I would like to comment further.
Best Regards, Mary
16 October 2005 - New York

Response:   Dear Mary,
You are talking about Eddie's brother Max.
Max's son was also a dentist. Feel free to share some of your insight with us.

Thank You.

Kind Regards,


I have looked for anything about Eddie G. Robinson Junior.Canīt find anything. I saw him in 'Some like it hot' He was really so good looking and Iīm interested of more info.Reed about him in 'Blonde'. Please answer. Love from Madeleine in Sweden.
07 October 2005 - Sweden

Response:   HALLO!
Try some of the search engines like YAHOO or GOOGLE and I'm sure there is some information there. Also, try the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) for a list of his credits. Good Luck!



Gary Richrath
Dear Francesca
Do you know the correct spelling of Eddie's registered birth name? Is it Emanuel Goldenberg or is there a middle name too? Thankyou Francesca
07 October 2005 - Liverpool England

Response:   Dear Gary,
Emanuel Goldenberg. No middle initial.


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