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Ian Pearce
Dear Francesca
Can you please provide me with the correct spelling of Eddie's full name?
16 September 2005 - Champaign Illinois

Response:   Dear Ian,
Edward G. Robinson.


Anne | @ | url
I love Ed Robinson in Double Indemnity and the Violent Men. I am not sure if this question was already asked, but did Mr. Robinson have a favorite co-star he enjoyed working with? Thank you for keeping his legacy going strong.
15 September 2005 - CA

Response:   Dear Anne,
Eddie liked working with many of his co-stars including Gena Rowlands, Claire Trevor, Charlton Heston and Paul Newman among others..

Thank you for your question,


Pablo Ramos | @ | url
'Did Eddie ever really say 'you dirty rat' and if he did which movie was this said in
23 March 2005 - Australia'
I found this to be very interesting and surfed the web to maybe clear up the question and this is what I found at:
The mobster refrain, 'You dirty rat!' - was never said verbatim by James Cagney, although he did say something similar, 'Mmm, that dirty, double-crossin' rat,' in Blonde Crazy (1931). [In Home Alone (1990), Macauley Culkin watched a scene from a fictional B/W gangster film videotape titled, 'Angels With Filthy Souls' (a take-off on the Cagney film Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)), in which a gangster shoots his girlfriend, while saying, 'Take that, you dirty rat!']
14 September 2005 - Hollywood, CA.

Response:   Dear Pablo,
Thanks for the info..



Pablo Ramos | @ | url
Some friends and I watched Scarlet Street the other night. What a good tragic film. Had this film been in done in our present time I'm sure Hollywood would have given it a happy ending, like they do to with all of todays movies. This was Louise's (my wife)first time seeing an Eddie G. film. I laughed at how into the plot she got herself involved with. She was so upset with the Kitty and Johnny and their evil plots against Chris Cross. I wonder now after seeing this movie if this had an influence to making Basic Instinct and the recreation of the ice pick murder. just a thought.
Ciao for now,
Pablo R.
14 September 2005 - Hollywood

BOB POTTS | @ | url
BECAME A FAN AFTER SEEING EGR IN 'Double Indemnity' AND 'Key Largo'. Great actor with true dramatic range and real screen (and I understand stage) prescence. The more I read about him it became clear he was a very cultured and articulate man with a love of art and literature. Someone I would have really valued the opportunity to meet. As a bonus he was also a real STAR - in the real sennse of the word. Would have loved to see him play Shakespeare.
14 September 2005 - Northwich, Cheshire, England

Response:   Dear Bob,
For your information Eddie did "Taming Of The Shrew" in 1937 for the radio series "Columbia's Shakespeare".
The New York Times opined "Easily the most enjoyable hour in the series is provided by Edward G. Robinson-the one-time Little Caesar-as Petruchio, who's come to wive it wealthily in Padua in 'The Taming Of The Shrew'...He is aggressive, virile, boisterous and funny."
He roars but never hams, he sings a bit, he kisses big juicy kisses, he has the studio audiences laughing out loud."
Also, Eddie gave a reading of Marc Anthony's soliloquy (Julius Caesar)which got him into the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts.



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