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She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
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12 December 2015

Kevin Tiernan
Yesterday at 12:56am

Adam Edward Sanchez

Thought you would find this defense of your grandfather thoughtful and worth commenting on.
Jim Beaver
Yesterday at 12:36am

I saw the film TRUMBO yesterday. It is a fine film generally, with an excellent angle on the awful times of the Hollywood blacklist. However, as someone who has pored over much of the testimony in the House Un-American Activities hearing files and done considerable research on the subject, I was extremely dismayed that the film depicted the great actor Edward G. Robinson naming names before the committee. Robinson did not reveal names of any suspected Communists to the committee, did not betray his friends in this way. To depict him as doing so when he did not and when there were many who actually did who could have been depicted in the film seems a slap in the face of truth and an unfair, unjustified slur on a deeply honorable man. "During the course of several grueling hours of questioning, Robinson named no names but he did repudiate the progressive organizations to which he had belonged in the 1930s and 1940s. If the government could drive a left-liberal like Eddie out of the business, a man whom even anti-Communists like Ronald Reagan called 'one of the warmest-hearted, truly kind people in the world,' then they could go after anyone." (Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics by Steven J. Ross) This philosophy is at the heart of the honorable intent of the movie TRUMBO. That the very movie itself could slander a decent man decades after his death and thus beyond his ability to defend himself is a sad stain on an otherwise excellent film.
8 December 2015

Bob Beck | @
"Trumbo" is a fine film. Michael Stuhlbarg gives an effective peformance as Edward G. Robinson without going to caricature or heavy-handedness. The look is rather striking, especially in his eyes. Highly recommended
2 December 2015 - St. Louis

Ian Tweyman | @
My Grandfather Issac Goldenberg and your Grandfather were first cousins. My Grandfather came to Canada in about 1914 by way of France with his wife Zelda.
25 August 2015 - Toronto, ontario, Canada

bob beck | @
Possibly the finest work of his last years is "The Old Man Who Cried Wolf!" a made-for-tv movie, 1970. I watched it again today, and it never gets old.
28 June 2015 - st. louis

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