From the office of Ms. Robinson-Sanchez:
Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Dave Smith
Is that your natural hair color?
30 July 2005 - Colorado City, AZ

Response:   Dear Dave,
As the old Clairol ad said: "Only her hairdresser knows".


Hi Francesca I was wondering if you could tell me the exact date of your fathers 1st marriage and when it ended. Plus i was wondering about the date of your birthday. Im sorry if the questions are to intrusive and i understand if you dont answer them
30 July 2005 - Australia

Response:   Dear Frederick,
I tend to not want to give out specific dates over the net. I'm sure you understand..Thank you.


Alan Hornstein | @ | url
My father's side of the family emigrated from Bucharest,Rumania around 1900. My father (Sam Hornstein 1905-1963) told me stories about growing up in the south Bronx (Southern Blvd) in the same tenement as your grandfather. Later other relatives told me they were related. My grandfather Marcus Hornstein (1875-1951) was a first cousin or something??? I was told that Edward's brother Oscar attended my grandfathers funeral. Just wondering if you have any knowledge of a connection to the Hornstein family?
Alan Hornstein
29 July 2005 - Brooklyn, NY - now living in Menlo Park, Ca

Response:   Dear Alan,
Let me look into it...I can get back with you through your e-mail address..

Thank you,


Pablo Ramos | @ | url
Dear Francesca,
My deepest condolences. I heard the news around that time, my mom had told me about it. From what I remember of Ricky, he was a kind and thoughtful man and I'll always remember him fondly, as well as the rest of my family.
Last night I showed my mom this website with your photo on it and she was so happy to see you and to hear you're are doing well.
One day, Jairo had dropped by on a delevery run to say hello and only Adam was home. He gave him a photo of his graduation for my mom. Hehehehe, I would see that photo of him from time to time but, never questioned my folks who it was thinking it was another family memeber from South America. Then last night my mom pulled the photo from underneath the glass top of her dresser and said that was Adam. HE'S A MAN!!! Ooohhh how time flys.
Anyway, it's nice to hear from you again and my mom will be very happy hear your voice again. Take care and please tell Adam we say hello.
Ciao for now,
Pablo Ramos
29 July 2005 - Hollywood, Ca.

Pablo Ramos | @ | url
Hi Francesca,
My mom (Lucrecia Rodriguez)is looking for you to say hello to you and your son (Adam) and to also say good-bye. I was unaware that she was looking for you until today when we spoke of you and Little Adam and I figured you somehow would keep up with the times via the internet. Wow!!! very nice dedication site. Please E-mail when you have a moment and I'll give you all her information.
Pablo Ramos
28 July 2005 - Hollywood, Ca

Response:   Dear Pablo,
Just received your message today and will call your mother...Great to hear from you.
Ricky, Adam and I will never forget the kindness your mother shared with us.
(I don't know if you had heard that Ricky died in October of 1999)
We remember all of you with fond and warm thoughts..I always looked forward to seeing your mother..
What a Special Lady..

All My Love,


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