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She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
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Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Larry Ludwig | @ | url
HI Francesca, I just wanted to say that I saw an interview once with Bette Davis, and she corrected her interviewer about what a 'STAR' truly was, and how everyone (back in the 70's this was) that appeared in anything was 'starred in' and it was just not correct. I could not agree more. There were actors, and actresses by the hundreds, even thousands... but a STAR was one of those lights that could shine through on any day, or any time. Your Grandfather, was a STAR. It is such a sad state, that all that he showed us, along with his contemporaries for so long... and today there is not an actor or actress left... nor has there been one for many many years. The true artform that was 'the pictures' is long gone from the Earth.
11 July 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Response:   Dear Larry,
I do agree with you that stars are rare and beautiful...Their light not only shines at the moment but far into the future.. So what we see in the sky now, happened long ago. Only the future will tell us if some of today's actors will shine on...


Carolyn | @ | url
Dear Francesca,
I am thrilled to find your web site. I am working with an art association in Los Angeles that is celebrating its 80 year history, which dates back to the time Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Robinson loaned artworks to major exhibitions in LA and were significant contributors to southern Califorinia's cultural growth. We are looking for a source of any photos of Edward G. Robinson and/or his wife at the 1937 international art exhibition sponsored by the then County Museum. The need is urgent as the show opens in about a month. Your assistance with this project is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,
08 July 2005 - Los Angeles

Response:   Dear Carolyn,
Try the Edward G. Robinson Special Collection at the University of Southern California..(The Doheny Library. Ask for Ned Comstock...)
EGR's memorabilia was left to USC and is archived at the University.
Good Luck,

did your grandfather have an affair with Mamie VanDoran?
06 July 2005

Response:   Dear Jane,
Not that I know of...
That's a new one for me!


J Frank | @ | url
I believe I have a car that was originally owned by your grandfather. It is a '66 Cadillac Eldorado conv. It is green with a tan roof and brown interior. Do you remember this car?
26 June 2005 - Austin TX

Response:   Dear Mr. Frank,
Yes, I do. It was one of my favorite cars to drive in. My grandfather bought the car for my step-grandmother Jane.
You have some history there..Great car.
I used to love driving in it with the convertible top down..


Jim Beaty | @ | url
Eddie is what we think of when we think of 'Motion Pictures' and 'Hollywood.' Look up the word 'star' in your dictionary and there is his picture. He was one of our greatest Hollywood actors and will live forever in his movies. A true 'World Treasure.' What amazes me was he embraced many genres besides the 'tough guy' roles he was known for. It was fascinating to know he was the original Dr. Zaius for the test reel for 'Planet of the Apes' which was pitched to 20th Century Fox. And his portrayal as 'Sol' in the science fiction film Soylent Green was just wonderful. His scenes reminiscing over the old days were brilliant. When he and Heston feasted over priceless beef and bourbon in the movie, the look on his face as he savored every morsel was just magic. Not a word was spoken during that scene--but it was fascinating to see his expressions. So, how did Eddie feel about these roles and working with Charlton Heston in several movies. They had a chemistry that was just marvelous.
25 June 2005 - Dallas, Texas

Response:   Dear Jim,
You are so intuitive. They had wonderful chemistry on and off the screen. Charleton Heston is a good person who has been a great friend to Eddie and our family throughout the years. He and Eddie gave us magic on the screen...that will continue to mezmorize audiences for years to come..

Thank You,



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