From the office of Ms. Robinson-Sanchez:
Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Dear Francesca,
It was such a wonderful surprise this morning went I went online looking for information regarding Villa Cabrinis reunion, and I saw your website. So very often through the years my thoughts have been of our time on campus there and when you came to be a student. My sister Cynthia has been keeping in touch with some alumni(she was a few years behind us). I am still residing in the Los Angeles area and have 3 grown children, and two granchildren.
Your web site is very well done. But I want you to contact me so we can catch up. I am going to give you a number to contact me (8185547786). I am hoping to hear from you.I remember my years at Villa very fondly because of all the wonderful girls I met (Sami Arnella Colleen Donna Jewell Vicki S. And on and on). Sincerely, Debbie
24 June 2005 - Burbank California

Response:   Dear Debbie,
It was wonderful to see you!
Adam and I had a great time.
36 years without missing a beat.
We are looking forward to the Villa Cabrini Reunion this weekend.
It should be a blast!



BOB | @ | url
Hello Francesca
I was strolling around the internet searching for some information on the great
Eddie G. when I stumbled onto your wonderful tribute to your grandfather. Its
about time he was honored with a decent
I'm working on a list that I call
The Edward G. Robinson Tour, which is a list of notable places throughout his life and was wondering if you could answer several questions for me.
What was the address of the Arden Drive house?
After he and Gladys split up and he kept the Rexford Drive house, where did she
move to?
What was Manny's Malibu address?
And is Gladys buried near Manny?
Would you like a copy of the list when I
finish it for either your site or for yourself? I'd be glad to e - mail it to you or add it to this message board.
Thanks and take care.
Eddie G was the greatest.
23 June 2005 - PORTLAND, OREGON

Response:   Dear Bob,
Your research is impressive. We generally refrain from divulging specific addresses in order to maintain the privacy of present occupants.
However, we can tell you that Gladys was cremated and her ashes were strewn off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif. as per her wishes...
My father is buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary right next to my mother...
Thank you for your work and we would love to see the result of your efforts.



PS. Yes, he was!

Bob Beck | @ | url
Greetings. I had the pleasure of visiting at 910 North Rexford Drive about fifteen years ago, where Edward G.'s self-portrait and 'The Dead Tree' ('L'Arbre Mort') still hung on the walls. After Eddie died, Jane married George. After she died, George married Corinne. What happened to the house after that? (Not to be facetious...did Corinne remarry!?) 910 was a magnificent home in Beverly Hills, and I am curious about it and the Robinson estate.
Incidentally, credit Sidney Boehm also with the screenplay for HELL ON FRISCO BAY.
Hope you're all doing well.
23 June 2005 - St. Louis

Response:   Dear Bob,
George and Corinne Sidney sold the house in 1999. I do not know who presently owns the home. Grandpa bought it in 1933 and lived there til he died.
The latest owner has made major changes in it's appearance.
Bob, thanks for clarifying the credit, also...

I will call you soon,


Lupe contreras | @ | url
Being a theater student for a year now i was looking at the TMC movies and your grandpa really inspired me. Why because he has this look that comes alive with the feeling of the character he played. My father and mother left me when i was ten years old. When im asked to play father less roles, my instructor director picks me for the parts cause of the feeling she says that come alive and the feelings and tears are real. What was real about the experience that your grandpa went through? Hope not to impose, ill respect if you tell me to back off. I understand about being alone in this world. Well i hope i hear from you. Im sending my wifes address ill makes mine this week. Thanks for your time.
15 June 2005 - Bakersfield, California

Response:   Thank you for your question. Every true artist conveys his life experience to his audience.. It may come out in the laughter.. in the tears, or in something as mundane as boredom..But it is there. And it is real. This is why art has such great capacity to heal.
The artist and the audience..It tells him and them that they are not alone.
Eddie had much pain in his life..
He faced anti-Semitism prior to immigrating to America. He met face to face with the blacklist. But as any true artist will tell cannot turn away from this pain..just channel it through your art. This is what will cause healing...and great art..

Never give up.


Barbra Paskin re BBC series | @ | url
Francesca - am urgently trying to locate you for a possible radio interview. You may recall I was one of the team of The Hollywood Greats that did a 1 hr tv doc on Edward G at the house some years ago.
Can yu possibly contact me or give me more direct contact address for you. Tks.
11 June 2005 - BBC

Response:   Will contact you, Barbra...

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