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Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Eddie | @ | url
I just read on here that Manny had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, Francesca I was wondering when it happened and were they good friends afterwards?
28 May 2005 - Australia

Response:   Dear Eddie,
My father, Manny and Marilyn were good friends and did two films together: "Bus Stop" and "Some Like It Hot"
She also visited my grandfather's home many times for parties.


Bob Beck | @ | url
Hello to Francesca, and to Adam, the new grad! I hope you're both doing well. What a lot of fun it must be to field so many questions about Edward G... I'll answer the 'stumper' about Bogart I posed in March: there were five Warner Bros. films, BULLETS OR BALLOTS (1936) through KEY LARGO (1948), an Ed Sullivan appearance (tv, 1956, saluting John Huston), radio (adaptations of two film scripts plus two specials in the '40's, HOLLYWOOD FIGHTS BACK (against the HUAC), I think, and one campaigning to reelect Mr. Roosevelt). That would be TEN 'official' appearances, but since Robinson and Bogart were fairly aligned politically, I don't doubt they shared rallies and other public functions. Anyone have other evidence? --Bob Beck
27 May 2005 - St. Louis, Missouri

Response:   Dear Bob,
Thanks for the kind words for Adam.
We are really proud of him. He received his B.A. in Political Science from California Lutheran University.
Some more "evidence" on Bogie and Eddie:
They acted together in the film-
'The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse' (1938)..And the radio version: (1941)
John Huston co-wrote the screenplay with
John Wexley.
And we found all this pertinant information in YOUR book...

Thank you,


Debra A. Jackson | @ | url
Night Has A Thousand Eyes - I'm trying to locate a copy of this film for my collection. Do you know where I can find it?
25 May 2005 - Corona, CA

Response:   Dear Debra,
This is a good question for our website fans, as well as webmistress.
Can somebody please help Debra with her

Thank You,

Webmistress: There are several different sellers offering "Night Has A Thousand Eyes" on video at ebay, for the next few days. Go to and do a search on the title.

Mike | url
What did Edward G. Robinson think of 'method' acting? Did he respect Lee Strasberg's Actor's Studio?
23 May 2005 - Hollywood, Calif.

Response:   Dear Mike,
Eddie was a "classically" trained actor who studied on scholarship at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.
Lee Strasberg acted with my grandfather in the "The Chief Thing" for the Theatre Guild in 1931.
Eddie also liked and respected Stella Adler and Sandy Meisner.


Did Edward G. Robinson have a favorite movie? (Outside of his own)
Did he go and see movies often?
23 May 2005 - Omaha, Nebraska

Response:   Dear Sue,
He had many movies he enjoyed.
Especially, any film with Sir Lawrence Olivier..
"Othello" with Sir Lawrence and Dame Maggie Smith immediately comes to mind.
Also, "A Thousand Clowns" with Jason Robards. Another that I recall was:
"I Never Sang For My Father" with Melvyn Douglas and Gene Hackman.

These were some that he mentioned to me, personally. I'm sure there were many more throughout his life.


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