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She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
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Rod Franklin | @ | url
There is a movie staring Edward G. Robinson made back in the 30's that still rings in my mind, I was only 9 years old when I saw it, but can't remember the title. Seemed that he had loved a woman years earlier who married someone else and they die leaving a youg daughter who comes to live with him and discovers that he had killed both of her parents by driving their carriage into an ice house or ice pond,
Can you help me?
I just assisted one of my clients Pat Welig who worked for Edward G. Robinson before he died. In talking to her, she brought movies back to mind.
14 February 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Response:   Dear Rod,
I believe the film you are remembering is The Red House. (1947) Generally the reviews were excellent for the film and Eddie. It frightened me as a child because I saw him drowning.
As "LIFE" magazine commented: "1947 will probably see no film with suspense more chilling"


Aaron Woodner | url
While I am really only a marginal fan of Mr. Robinson, I want to thank his family on behalf of my grandfather, Abe Fassman. My grandfather was with the 36th Infantry Regiment, 3AD, in Normandy and had the opportunity to see Mr. Robinson during his visit to the troops. It meant quite a lot to him. With a son currently in Iraq, it saddens me that there are so few celebrities today who are willing to put politics aside and simply extend themselves a bit to make the lives of our military personnel a bit more comfortable.
10 February 2005 - Idaho

Response:   Thank you for your kind words Aaron. As you probably know Eddie was the first Hollywood figure to entertain the troops following D-Day. He believed, regardless of political position, we are all Americans. He felt it was his duty as a patriot to support those who risked all for their country.


Lou DeFabio | @ | url
Dear Francesca:
I'm now almost 40 years old. When I was about 10 (in the days before cable TV), I saw a wonderful movie on the Late Show (remember those) called Key Largo. As much as I loved Bogie, it was your grandfather that I couldn't see enough of. He was , and always will be, one of my favorite actors. When I was about 12, I read All My Yesterdays for the first time. Twenty seven years later, I bought it off Ebay and read it again. It's funny, because as I read it, I hear the text in your grandfather's voice. Anyway, my question to you is, it is clear from his autobiography that he loved you very much and loved to have wonderful, philosophical discussions with you. How do you think he would have viewed our recent presidential election? I think I know the answer because I, like Eddie, always vote 'D.' Also, what were his views of Dean Martin. God bless and take care. Great site (want to buy a shirt, though).
02 February 2005 - Ohio

Response:   Dear Lou,
I also loved him very much. We had many
philosophical discussions and I learned a great deal from him. He was the biggest influence in my life. Eddie's high standards are difficult to replicate.
As for politics, he definately would vote "D" for Dean.....Martin.

Sincerely and Politically Yours,


Ari Dromi | @ | url
First, let me say that this is a very quality site and well provisioned on all actors. This section is particular well done.
I am very much a fan of the American films of this time, and love to watch Mr. Robinson's films (I do love Confession of A Nazi Spy).
A long time ago I read his book, but then my english was not so good. Now I must read it again.
Now I must address Herr Muller's comment. Although Mr. Robinson was Jewish and was a great friend to Israel, to my knowledge he was first and foremost American (I think I once read he was in military intelligence in WWI - but for US - and Irael was not yet a reality then) .
But if you can document this allegation, I would be most impressed: actor of stage and film, philanthropist, art collector, painter - and secret agent. Quite the mensch, no? Please put that in your report, Herr Muller.
Me ois vaxen svi a tsibele miten cup in vant.
16 January 2005 - Tel Aviv, Israel

Response:   Dear Ari,
Eddie loved the United States of America and was a true patriot. He felt he was born when he reached these shores.
He really was anxious to do Confessions of a Nazi Spy and suffered numerous personal threats to him and his family for doing so..President Roosevelt was extremely enthusiastic about the project and he and J. Edgar Hoover promised extraordinary cooperation.

Mensch? Yes he was.
Secret Agent? No.

Thanks Ari,


Gunther Muller
I have heard that Edword Robinson worked for Israeil intelligence agency (MOSSAD)in 1950-1960. This knowledge assisted his acquital in American McCarthy trials. Is it correct? Does anyone know what types of actions he did for Israel. I am writing research for university project.
13 January 2005 - Austria

Response:   Dear Gunther,
Please refer to my answer to Ari Dromi's
letter of 1/16/05.


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