From the office of Ms. Robinson-Sanchez:
Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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susan | @ | url
Hello Francesca,just want to say when I was growing up in the 1950s Edward G. Robinson,along with Claude Rains,were my favourite actors and they remain so today. Best wishes Susan.
29 December 2004 - North Wales, United Kingdom

Response:   Dear Susan,
Claude Rains was also one of my favorites.
I loved him in 'Mr.Skeffington' and 'Notorious'. He was both interesting and intense, and very attractive.
Thank you for your kind words about Eddie also.



Holly Davis | @ | url
Hello Francesca. thank you for your nice phone message but my answering machine garbled the number. Please call again and don't for get to watch us in the parade on New Year's Day. Hugs from HOLLY
26 December 2004 - Pasadena California

Response:   Hi Holly,

I will call you later with my telephone number and personal email address. Hope you, David, and the family had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Will certainly keep an eye out for you at the Rose Bowl Parade.

Met up with Barbara Griffiths in London during late October/early November, we spent a wonderful day and evening together - and spoke about you and David (I hope your ears were burning).

Congratulations on David's Rose Bowl appointment.

I will be out of the country during the month of January, but perhaps we can get together before I leave or certainly upon my return (I'm frequently in Pasadena on business).

Love and hugs,


Cristina Neamtu | @
I was surfing the net for information regarding Romanian actors.. I already knew that your grandfather was born in Romania and left the country at 10...Have he ever came back? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
22 December 2004 - Bucharest_ROMANIA

Response:   Dear Cristina,
Yes, my grandfather did go back to
Romania in the late 1960's. It was a very emotional, yet gratifying experience. He actually found his childhood home still existing.
The Romanian film industry welcomed him back with open arms, recognizing him as one of their own.
Someday it would be nice to have
an Edward G. Robinson Film Festival in Romania.. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Daniel Hug | @ | url
I am trying to contact someone from the estate of Edward G. Robinson regarding a painting by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy owned by Mr. Robinson. Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian born artist of the avant garde in the 1920's. I understand that Mr. Robinson was an avid collector of art. Please feel free to visit the official Moholy-Nagy estate website at:
We at the estate would love to know about the condition and location of this painting.
Sincerely, Daniel Hug
18 December 2004 - Los Angeles

Response:   Dear Mr. Hug,
I am familiar with Lazlo Maholy-Nagy
and am not sure if my grandfather owned one of his artworks.
However, I will do some research and get back with you.
Thank you for your inquiry.


Peter Schlesinger | @ | url
I am searching for a copy of SAMMI GOING SOUTH. The pictore was made by my uncle J.S.Schlesinger, can you help
18 December 2004 - London UK

Response:   Dear Peter,
The movie you are referring to was
renamed "A Boy Ten Feet Tall". You might try Robert's hard-to-find videos at

Good luck,


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