From the office of Ms. Robinson-Sanchez:
Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Jan Keith Barbre | @ | url
Francesca, When my children were born, they both had these puffy eyes and I my first words were 'Edward G. Robinson'. They do not know who your Grandfather was. I looked on the Internet but he does not have those eye's in the pictures (though they are very much like Barbre eye's). Where could I get a picture of him with those puffy eyes. It would explain a lot.
Jan Keith barbre
29 November 2004 - Scottville, Michigan

Response:   Dear Jan,
Puffy eye pictures of Eddie seem in short supply....You got me!


Graciela Alvarez Perretta | @ | url
I want to know if your grandfather Edward was related to family Perretta from Francavilla Sul Sini, Basilicata, Italy. I was told that he was related to
24 November 2004 - I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Response:   Dear Graciela,
My grandfather's family (on both his mother's and father's side) traces back several generations to Romania.
He visited Italy many times to make movies and truly loved the country and the Italian people.
Among my most cherished memories is the summer I spent in Rome with him
during the filming of "Operation San Pietro" in the late 60's.
During breaks in the filming, grandpa would show me around the country.
It was truly a wonderful time..
Thank you for your question.


Nat Rosenshein | @ | url
According to family legend, we may be related to EGR through Rabbi Shulem Goldenberg of Svaliava, UKR, my father's home town. Francesca, can you please contact me. I have a lot of genealogical information.
20 November 2004 - Montreal, Canada

Response:   Dear Nate,
Are we truly kissing cousins?
I don't really know, but please contact us with some more specific information and then we'll get to the bottom of it.
Thanks Nate...Cousin?


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