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Darrell Stewart | @
First, I am a big fan of your grandfather.
But this message is about another person who wrote you on 13 November 2005.John Connor. His step Dad was Rex Egan. The Egan family were close family friends and after Rex died, my parents kept in touch with Carolyn.his wife. for many years. John & I are about same age. Rex was my little league baseball coach. Anyway, I noted the Laguna Niguel address and found one John Connor.but it was the wrong one. Would you happen to have John's e-mail address that was attached to his original message? Or could you forward this to him and ask him to contact me? Thanks for your help. Darrell Stewart
6 August 2006 - Tucson, AZ

Response:   (Webmistress here) Hi, Darrell. Sent you an email reply on this.

Bob Beck | @
To Dwayne (July 30: Very apt comment. "Julius Caesar" has the following line at the end of the play, used to eulogize EGR at his funeral:
"His life was gentle and the elements / So mix'd in him that nature might stand up / and say to all the world, 'THIS WAS A MAN.'"
1 August 2006 - St. Louis

Dwayne | @
This was a man!
30 July 2006 - Sarasota

Tim | @
Hi. I love your grandfather's movies. What color are his eyes? Could you post an image showing the flashing color of his eyes?
28 July 2006

jeanie bradley | @
all the great actors are gone, you are wonderful to keep your grandfather memory alive, he was a great actor .

thank you .
21 July 2006 - South Jordan Utah USA

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