From the office of Ms. Robinson-Sanchez:
Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Madeleine Rickardsson | @
Oh, I am so sorry that I am not a very distant relative to the family or a some kind of a strange professor.I just wrote some kind and true words about Manny JR.and next time I looked my comment was gone?
Please feel free to erase this to.I will still like Eddie SR and Eddie JR.
But I will not get in here again. Madeleine from the lovely Sweden
25 June 2006 - Sweden

Response:   (Webmistress here): Hi, Madeleine - did you look back through the messages? We have two others that you posted, from Oct and Nov of last year, both of which were responded to. Sorry for any confusion and have a great day.

Robert Fasoli | @
I am posting a new entry with a little bit more information. I am looking for a Heather Walsh from Philadelphia, born in the mid to late 1950's. Her father was a strongman named Jack Walsh, who passed away on June 11th, 2001 in New Orleans, Louisianna. Her mother was a local singer named Nicci. This Nicci, was a relative of Edward G. Robinson. Any help, Francesca????
22 June 2006 - Trenton, NJ

bob beck | @
To Gundi: I'm aware of no film in which Edward G. Robinson played a ventriloquist. Anthony Hopkins played in a film called MAGIC (1978) which has such a plot.
21 June 2006 - st. louis

Gundi | @
I have a vague childhood memory of a movie that I am certain starred your Grandfather. He played a ventriloquist who couldn't separate the dummy's personality from his own and was becoming quite deranged. A very intense movie with a twist to the ending. I believe it to be quite an old movie but have no idea of the name of it. Are you able to help me identify this film? Thank you for your time.
21 June 2006 - Australia

Diana Macone | @
Hi Francesca!!!

I'm working on some statements and watching Double Indemnity as I type this!! My one regret is never speaking to your grandfather when he was at Marymount. God knows, I had many opportunities. That, indeed, would have been a wonderful memory.
6 June 2006 - Gig Harbor

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