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Frank Hendricks | @
To Bob Beck: Thanks for your leads. I have not had a chance to check them out yet. But a few other details of the restaurant scene came back to me. EGR had his famous cigar in his mouth.
When his bleached blone girl friend started to cry and "carry on", he pulled the cigar out of his mouth and said, "OH Baby, please don't cry. You're breakin' my heart." He handed her some money from his roll of cash and said, "Here, go powder your nose!"
Maybe that additional detail will jog something loose from your memory or someone else's. Thanks for your help.
3 May 2006 - Portland, Oregon

bob beck | @
To Frank Hendricks: Maybe the film is THE GLASS WEB, one Edward G. did in 3-D in 1953, in which he's involved with an ambitious young tv starlet, who connives and plays him for a sap; then he murders her. I'd have to look at the film again to see if the restaurant and powder-the-nose aspect is correct. All I can come up with. Co-stars of the film were John Forsythe and Kathleen Hughes (as the starlet).
2 May 2006 - st. louis

Frank A. Hendricks | @
To Mr. Beck. I saw the movie on latenight TV in the early '70's and I am 99% sure it was EGR. The hairstyle of the blonde and the atmosphere and back ground makes me think it was made in trhe 40's or 50's. But I am not sure. I remember nothing else about the plot or any other detail.
1 May 2006 - Portland, Oregon

bob beck | @
Frank Hendricks' question, alas, doesn't ring a bell as a Robinson film or tv show. Is the movie a recent ('60's or '70's) or older, say from the '30's? Sorry I can't be more help. Incidentally, there was offered on eBay a Robinson still (with Debbie Reynolds, maybe?) that turned out to be Ernest Borgnine. Maybe the movie Mr. Hendricks remembers has someone in it who LOOKS like EGR. Keep trying! --Bob
30 April 2006 - st. louis

Frank A. Hendricks | @
Will try again & be more brief. Edward Robinson was sitting at a table in a restaurant and his blonde, manipulative, even "ditsy" girlfriend/
wife started crying because she did not have enough $$ to buy a new dress. He handed he a roll and she told he to go powder her nose in the lady's room. She kept crying until she got inside and stopped immediately and smiled and let out a mischievous giggle. Do you know the name of this movie.
30 April 2006 - Portland, Oregon

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