From the office of Ms. Robinson-Sanchez:
Francesca has recently been involved in multiple projects that have taken up all her time.
She regrets not being able to respond to your posts as quickly as she would like.
She appreciates your patience, and in the near future will be answering all posts,
past and present.

Thank you all for your continuing support of Eddie and our site -- your participation in the Q&A board is truly appreciated.

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Mrs. Marion Goldenberg Schwartz | @ | url
Hello Francesca:
We are related in that my father, the late Samuel Goldenberg, was your grandfather's cousin. My grandfather's name was Isidore. My father came to the US in 1904 at the age of 4 years. He was a beautiful person and a talented and creative handbag designer. His bags were sold at the very best stores!
We have a family website: The Goldenberg Family Website. You probably are already aware of it. If not, you should visit it to learn about the rest of your family.
We have many accomplished family members who have been and are doing very well in their respective fields. Isidore would have been very proud of what he did by bravely coming here from Romania! His name is on the wall at Ellis Island.
We certainly share your pride in your grandfather's accomplishments. but he was not alone!
At 69, after retirement(36 years of work), I am still employed as a Consultant to the Federal Government in a critical natiowide program and I still ride my bike 30 miles with no health problems at all. We come from very healthy stock!
Best wishes,
Marion Goldenberg Schwartz,M.S.N
National Newborn Screening and Genetics Resource Center
PEAS Project Coordinator (CDC, HRSA)
Mother of three great human beings & grandmother to eight precious people!
Also mom to three fur kids, 2 rescued greyhounds & 1 rescued pit/lab mix!
05 February 2006 - Yardley, PA

Response:   Dear Marion,

It is so wonderful to hear that Eddie was but one of many Goldenberg's to enjoy success. Your family should be rightly proud of it's accomplishments.
Please send me some more information.

Best Regards,


vic albetta | @ | url
Hi, I thought you would like to know that I recently bought and original portrait of your grandfather painted in 1961 by Harry Longo. Harry Longo, originally from Paterson NJ, worked for Walt Disney studios in California. His works reflects his interest in film stars like your grandfather. It would be interesting to know if your grandfathr actually sat for the painting. I have not seen any pictures that might have suggested the portrait. If you have any interest in seeing it, I may be able to send it via email.
28 January 2006 - West Caldwell, NJ

Response:   Dear Vic,

Thank you for sending it..

Kind Regards,


greg | url
I love this site...Eddie truly was a legend. Who was his favorite director?
26 January 2006 - Los Angeles

Response:   Dear Greg,

Billy Wilder....and many others. Eddie respected professionalism. And both he and Billy had their love of art in common.

Best Regards,


Tom Turrin | @ | url
Dear Ms. Robinson-Sanchez,
I think your website is a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. Your grandfather was one of my all-time favorite actors since I was a kid growing up in the 60's seeing his movies on TV - now on TCM and DVD. I was in college in NYC when your grandfather passed away and read All My Yesterdays, which I have recently re-read as a 52 yr old. It is a truly a wonderful autobiography which brings out your grandfather's warmth, manner of speaking, devotion to family, country, humanity and his work. When I first read it in my 20's, his life story inspired me to work hard, stay focused. It also inspired a life-long interest in art and classical music. Do you still have your grandfather's Steinway Ampico reproducing piano? - recently heard a restored one - they are truly magnificent instruments and very rare today. Best wishes,
Tom Turrin
01 January 2006 - New York City and Ridgewood, NJ

Response:   Dear Tom,

What a wonderful and inspiring letter! Eddie's legacy lives on through the people he has you.
His standards were high but his ability to inspire others to reach for those standards is part of his gift to all of us. Your letter is testimony of this.

Per his wishes, The Steinway was left to UCLA.
What a wonderful instrument!
Steve Allen was the last to play it at the Stamp Commemoration for Eddie in 2000.
Eddie was the Sixth Legend Of Hollywood to be honored by the US Postal Service. (One week later Steve Allen was tragically taken from us.)
He played "Our Love Is Here To Stay" by George Gershwin, who was one of Eddie's best friends.)

Thank you for your kind words,



Mimi | @ | url
waw! i love this site and i wont forget to say that Mr.Robinson is the best actor of all time and he will always live in our hearts
01 January 2006

Response:   Dear Mimi,

He was my favorite grandfather of all time! And always in my heart..
Thank you for your comment.


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