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Phyllis M. Salisbury | @
As a three year old (I am now 82)my father who was an amateur dancer, would take me to every Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. I loved those movies, even as a little tyke and would try to copy the dance steps in the privacy of my bedroom. I, then was a fan, as was I all through my lifetime and still watch every movie no matter how many times I have seen it before.
31 March 2013 - New England

Irwin Miller | @
Are there any present plans to have the Evening With Fred Astaire, Another Evening With Fred Astaire, Astaire Time and The Fred Astaire Show, filmed between 1958 and 1968, digitally remastered and commercially released on bluray DVD as a boxed set with commentary from Barrie Chase, his featured partner, and from Bud Yorkin, the writer and producer. These specials have been shown in a truncated form on You Tube, however, the artistic integrity of the shows should be preserved. Perhaps, the dance sequences with Astaire and Chase shown on The Hollywood Palace in 1966 and 67 could be added, together with Think Pretty, the Chrysler Theater presentation.
27 March 2013 - Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Louise Kostecke | @
I always enjoyed watching Fred Astaire dance he was unique and flawless at the same time, and so light on his feet, what a pleasure!
18 February 2013 - West Bloomfield, Mi.

Norma Flint | @
Watching Fred dance makes me feel happy - he is so good.
8 December 2012 - UK

Olga May Milligan | @
Fred Astaire will always be a "Dancer For All Ages." The movies he left behind will always thrill and delight every one regardles of age.
His grace and talent can never be copied or repeated as ther will never be another Fred Astaire.
A little known fact regarding him is he also so quite a wonderful pianist. He was a great friend of Irving Berlin, and Berlin adored Fred singing his songs. Fred not only was a magnificent dancer, but his delivery of lyrics brought so much meaning to his own special style which will be loved till the end of time!
24 June 2012 - great barrington, ma

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