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Jaime Brendano | @
Hello, Fred lovers. This is a fabulous site about one of my first idols, but I couldn't find the answer to a question of my interest. Perhaps someone could help me. Does anyone know the title of a movie where Fred Astaire makes a tree with some newspaper pages while he's singing and dancing?
Thank you so much.
2 April 2014 - Spain

Mrs. Glenn LeBoeuf
Growing up, watching Fred and Ginger was one of my greatest joys! I dreamed of being Ginger, and finally, I met my own Cajun Fred at a fais-do-do in New Orleans and we've been happily dancing for almost 18 years. Now we enjoy watching those classic movies together!
26 February 2014 - Louisiana

Diana Rose | @
It's Christmas Day 2013 and I'm totally enjoying TCM's Fred Astaire day-long tribute. He's such a joy to watch. Ginger is my favorite partner. They seem to float. God Bless you, Fred.
25 December 2013 - Connecticut

Steve Folkes | @
So much joy brought to so many people across the generations. How could a life be better lived? At 60 years old, I have watched Fred and his partners many times and I am still in awe every time.
24 June 2013 - New Mexico

Robert Strom | @
Thank you for creating this beautiful website to honor Mr. Astaire. I've loved him, and Ginger too, since age 8. I got my first Fred Astaire book when I was 10 ("Fred Astaire - Hollywood's Magic People" By Howard Thompson). My Astaire library now has 28 books. I don't have a count on the records, videos, cds, magazines, etc. I never met Mr. Astaire, but I did meet Ginger when I was 13. what a thrill! I now have ~ The Astaire Society ~ on Facebook.

Robert Strom ~ The Astaire Society
23 May 2013 - San Leandro

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