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Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted to wish our Beloved Star John Garfield a HAPPY 106TH BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN.

And even though as years go by TCM is showing less of his movies, I just wanted to say SHAME ON THEM FOR NOT EVEN

Thank God I can get most of his movies on the Internet.

Even though I did post last week, I didn't want the actual day go by without posting something.
4 March 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi again, this is Lu. Even though our Beloved Star, John Garfield's birthday is officially Monday, March 4, I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday in Heaven. Happy Birthday to our Beloved Star, John Garfield in Heaven. We Love you Very Much.
26 February 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

I also read that he didn't want to "Go Hollywood". He didn't want to buy a house in Hollywood, he just wanted to rent.
21 February 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

I just wanted to mention also when I see him in films especially Four Daughters, I can't believe the fate that was given him especially when so many people loved him back in the 1940's. And when so many people showed up at his funeral. I can't believe that nobody wanted to bother making a movie about him especially since they thought so highly of him.
21 February 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. I am wondering if TCM is going to mention our Beloved Star, John Garfield's birthday which is coming up pretty soon, March 4th and play some of his movies or are they going to completely ignore him like they did last year.

Also I feel sorry for his daughter, Julie Garfield who seemed to never attract stardom. She is a very talented actress and if she is anything like her father would have probably made a name for herself in the Entertainment Industry. I remember back in the late '60's she was interviewed by Barbara Walters on the Today show and she stated that whatever she tried doing, it always came back to her wanting to be an actress, it ran in the genes. She did however, star in several Broadway plays, one being Uncle Vanya. And of course, she did have bit parts in some movies and she did a TV series as well.
21 February 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. I know that Barbara and Dennis said the reason that they don't visit this website anymore is that what else is there to say about our Beloved Star. John Garfield. I understand where you are coming from but let me explain from my point of view where I am coming from. I thought as you said what else is there to say, I thought maybe we could all get together and connect every so often on this website to keep in touch with one another. I am the only one who seems to still post on this website and will continue to do so to keep this website alive. I will also say it is a pleasure to "know" all the people who have posted here, Barbara, Dennis, etc. and it was wonderful to meet all of you at the Fan Club Luncheon for John Garfield at the Warwick Hotel almost six years ago.
14 February 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Twos | @
Thank you for all that you do for your visitors!
Vielen Dank für alles, was Sie für Ihre Besucher tun!
3 February 2019 - Earth

To My Dear Mr. John Garfield, this is Lu. I am one of your biggest fans. I just wanted to say that watching you in your early movies and later movies, I say to myself what a shame, you certainly don't deserve how you've been treated. That even though you were a very talented actor and also a very caring person, you certainly don't deserve to be ignored. It just isn't fair. And I don't know why you have been treated the way you have been treated. Maybe it's because Warner Brothers got back at you for your not re-signing with them. I know that people who have posted here say there is nothing more to say, I will keep posting here so hopefully I can keep this website going. I will always think of you and watch your movies and pray for you. God Bless you!!!!! And keep you in His Care!!!!
Hopefully, even though you are up in Heaven, you are looking down and feel the love that I am sending you.
29 January 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Thank you Dennis for that information. Fortunately, practically all his movies are on the Internet. Thanks again. Dennis. But I do look at the TCM grid every night to see if one of his movies is on.
22 January 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
This Friday noon TCM...the breaking point...this is all we have watch a movie of his when we can...stay warm all!
21 January 2019 - hamburg NY

I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if he were rediscovered and people would know what a TALENTED actor he was.

Well, Tuesday was Elvis Presley's 84th birthday and nobody on television even mentioned it. I don't think that they even mentioned Michael Jackson on his birthday or his anniversary.

By the way next month will be the anniversary of Whitney Houston's passing.

Barbara, I intend to email you some time to see if you can send me some pictures when we met at the John Garfield Fan luncheon. I can't believe it was such a long time ago.

When I watch his movies, I say to myself, what a talented actor he was going from Out Of The Fog to Saturdays

By the way, today is his daughter, Julie Garfield's birthday, Jan. 10.
10 January 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, Barbara, it's Lu. I agree it is nice to see you, Dennis and Karen post again. Yes, it was wonderful to see Dust Be My Destiny on TCM Wednesday. I was SO surprised to see it when I went on the TCM Channel to see if there were any of our Beloved Star's movies on since they don't seem to play any of his movies anymore especially the ones where he first started out. Also Four Daughters was on last Wednesday.

I know Dennis and you also stated what more can be said since everything through the years has been said. It is just that considering how our Beloved Star has been treated, it is a shame that this website would also cease to exist as well.

I was saddened to say that Dennis said that there is no interest in having John Garfield rediscovered. I thought surely Martin Scorsese and other bigwigs would do something they seemed to be interested.

When I was watching Four Daughters and Dust Be My Destiny, I was looking at him and thinking what a shame such a good looking man who had tremendous talent could end up the way the way he did.
10 January 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Dust Be My Destiny is on TCM today at 1:30pm. It was the first JG movie I ever saw. I was hooked after I watched it, and I was on.y 9 years old.
9 January 2019

Barbara | @
Happy New Year1. Nice to see both Karen and Dennis post. I also will always remember our lunch date in the city. It was great meeting everyone, especially Julie!
8 January 2019

Karen | @
Glad the site is up and going. Thank you!!!
It's been awile for me posting.
Current news. Sad but a good read and a favorite JG movie of mine!

Happy New Year 2019!!!!
I'll always remember our NYC lunch date with Julie!!!
Forever a JG fan!!!!
2 January 2019 - Pa

Dennis | @
Lu...what is there to post about? we have said and done all we can. We have to face the truth, all we have our memories and watch Garfield when we can. I tried but no interest. Sad but true!
1 January 2019 - Hamburg NY

Hi, all, this is Lu again.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Too bad nobody posts here anymore.
1 January 2019 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi all, this is Lu again. I was watching one of our Beloved Star's movies on the internet and I guess because I haven't seen Dennis posting anymore, I guess that means John Garfield being rediscovered isn't going to happen. What a shame. How sad that such a talented and underated actor as well as a wonderful and caring person is treated the way he is treated.
27 December 2018 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. To all who used to post on this website, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Again, I was hoping that Dennis would post something here for Christmas and would mention what was happening with our Beloved Star or what was not happening.

Here's to our Beloved Star, John Garfield, Merry Christmas In Heaven and also to the deceased members of his family and also to the living members of his family, Merry Christmas to all of you.
25 December 2018 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I was hoping that we would hear from Dennis about the campaign to get our Beloved Star, John Garfield rediscovered. Otherwise, we will never know. When I watch him in his movies, I say to myself how sad it is what happened to him and maybe people will never know what a WONDERFUL and TALENTED actor he was.
20 December 2018 - Bergen County, NJ

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