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Hi all, this is Lu. Posting from our local library Hopefully in the near future, we will have our AOL Internet reinstalled

I was watching my Nobody Lives Forever DVD and I just wanted to mention, does anybody see the resemblance to the living room that John Garfield stayed in at the hotel To me it resembles the living room in the apartment that he lived in in Humoresque, they look similar and they both had terraces
14 June 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @

I do remember your post vividly.

I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing.

The link I posted a couple of days ago I discovered quite by accident. I was actually doing some research on Robert Aldrich who was an assistant director for Body And Soul. The article I came across was published on the World Socialist web site. Aldrich was one of the early members of Enterprise Productions.

I remember Gary Susman's article well, and posted my thanks and appreciation to both Gary and you (for reaching out to Gary) on the Garfield web site in March 2013.

The article I reference was written by Joanne Laurier.
10 June 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hi, Dennis, this is Lu. I am at our local library using their computer. I just wanted to thank you for that. Whenever I watch TCM and see how he is ignored and when I go out to places that would have a book on him, I get very mad. Hopefully that will do something. Thanks, again.
10 June 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Dr John Fox...I guess you didnt see my post when this happened in 2013. I contacted a Gary Susman via email...he works for Moviefone. I ttold hum about John Garfield and this site...and it would be nice to have an article on the internet commemerating Garfields 100th birthday and he did just that. Great article. I was so excited he did that. John Garfield got some needed press. And I was proud to do it!!
9 June 2016 - Hamburg NY

Hi, Dr. John Fox and everyone this is Lu. Thank you for that information. As soon as I restore our AOL Internet Service to our computer, I will check it out. Right now I am using the computers at our local library
7 June 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @

Quite by accident, I stumbled across a very thoughtful and interesting article yesterday. It was published in March 2013 to commemorate what would have been John Garfield's 100th birthday.

The URL is below. I hope you all find it as interesting as I did.
6 June 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hello to all. I am at our local library again using their computers because we are still waiting for the AOL CD and then we will wait for the gentleman who services it for us to uninstall the old CD and reinstall the new CD.

Hope everybody is doing OK. I miss our home computer
6 June 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

I just wanted to say Rest In Peace To Our Beloved Star. Sorry I am late with this but our Internet Provider is not working on our computer. I am sending this to you via our local library. We are having a problem with our AOL set up and we are going to have reinstall the CD which the gentleman who services our computer will do once we get the CD.

Just wanted to let you know.

To our Beloved Star, John Garfield, Rest In Peace on your 64th year in Heaven.
31 May 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Sixty fours ago today John Garfield passed away! You are gone, but certainly not forgotten!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Lu! My birthday is Monday! I hope all is well with you!
21 May 2016 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. I know Barbara, you said that once before in one of your posts. But it is still sad. Even though there is not too much more that can be said, it is STILL nice to see everyone's posts. By the way, Happy Birthday to you, Barbara ahead of time. I think you posted once that your birthday was 2 days after our Beloved Star's death which I think is this Friday the 20th or Saturday the 21 and your birthday I think is the 22nd. Happy Birthday again.

Maybe they are playing his movies a little ahead of his anniversary. Thank you Dr. Fox for mentioning that. I am looking forward to watching them tonight. As I said in an earlier posting, Four Daughters and Four Wives were also on, I hope everybody saw them.

By the way did you know that Chaz Bono's
(formerly Chastity, Cher's son) birthday is the same as John Garfield's birthday
March 4 and Cher's birthday is May 20 when he unfortunately passed away.
17 May 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
As usual, John, you beat me to the punch! I already have my DVR set to record a Fallen Sparrow tomorrow night. It's rarely shown, and I believe it was a turning point in Garfield's career. I also saw the same interview with Maureen O'Hara. I hope all is well with you, and everyone else on this site!

Lu, I am sorry I don't post so often, however I feel we have exhausted everything we could say about Garfield films through the years!
16 May 2016 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @

TCM will be showing "Air Force" and "The Fallen Sparrow" next Tuesday evening (May 17th).

Ben Mankiewicz has provided some interesting introductory background information on the last couple of Garfield films I have seen. I hope he does the same for these two as well.

"The Fallen Sparrow" is one of Garfield's best. Maureen O'Hara wrote that she enjoyed working with him a great deal on it.
12 May 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hello, Dr. Fox. It is so nice to see you posting again. I know everyone is busy but it seems you and I seem to be the only ones posting these days. I know also that Dennis is taking care of his wife who I read is coming along very nicely and of course, he is busy with his shows.

I miss Barbara as well as the others. Haven't seen Karen post in a long time, oh well.

You mean I missed Hollywood Canteen. I have been trying to remember to look at the TCM grid but I guess sometimes I forget. Although I will admit my days are very busy and it is hard for me to watch anything in the wee hours in the morning.
10 May 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @

Thanks for your last post. I knew that TCM was broadcasting "Four Daughters" and "Four Wives". I hadn't seen "Four Wives" in years.

Just so everyone knows, "Hollywood Canteen" will be broadcast on May 10th in the wee hours of the morning that day.

I've posted on this site before that this is one of my favorite Garfield movies (even though his time on screen is brief) for its historical importance.

The cast is great, and as foolish as the premise is, it's a most enjoyable film
6 May 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

I hope you all saw that on TCM this past Monday morning, they were playing both Four Daughters and Four Wives. When I went on my cable channel grid and saw it Sunday night, I couldn't believe it. It was so nice to see those two movies again.
I hope you were aware that they were on.
3 May 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, everyone, this is Lu. I just wanted to mention that I was looking at Wikipedia and put in our beloved star's name, John Garfield and then I tried looking up his wife, Roberta (Robbe - I think that was her nickname and found out that John Garfield has 3 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I think I read somewhere that they are his son, David's children. At the luncheon for our beloved star at the Warwick Hotel, I asked his daughter Julie about how her niece and nephew were, what their names are but she didn't really answer. Do any of you know about that, Dennis, Barbara. As I said I read that he had 2 grandchildren but I didn't know that he had great grandchildren. I will go back to read more on Wikipedia. I know you also have read books about him. Thank you.
26 April 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Thank you, Dr. Fox for that information. One thing is wonderful besides the wonderful people I have "met" through this website that you learn so much about our beloved star. I don't know, Dennis, you say that Whoopi Goldberg and Mark Wahlberg are huge Garfield fans but whenever I see them on TV being interviewed, you never hear them mention his name. Only once did I hear Whoopi Goldberg say his name when she was interviewed and I will say that I think it was Robin Roberts and I will say that she was very surprised.

I hope, Dennis that your wife is getting better every day.
19 April 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

BArbara | @
You beat me to the punch. Body and Soul on late Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning 4/13 at 2am on TCM!
12 April 2016 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @

Thanks for those very insightful comments about Gregory Peck. I would very much like to have met him. A fair amount of the TCM documentary I referenced in my last email is Peck in sessions much like the one you describe where you met him.

On another note, TCM is finally showing "Body and Soul" this week.
10 April 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dennis | @
Hi all...I post when I can...busy with my wife and my shows. John Garfield is my favorite none. No one is a close second. Just my opinion. I seen Gregory Peck about 16 years ago at Buffalo State University. He was there doing a question and answer period as he was promoting a new book. He really enjoyed working with John Garfield. I told him he was my favorite actor of all time...he said that it was a very good pick.

As for the friendship with Gene Kelly...Robert Nott writes about it in the bio on Garfield. I personally have tried to track down Whoopi Goldberg...Mark Wahlberg...even Clint Eastwood. I know Whoopi and Mark are huge Garfield fans. I was hoping one of them or someone would be interested in making a bio on Garfield. I contacted Robert Nott...told him we were meeting with Garfield's daughter Julie. Now my time is limited with my wife's illness...but I am still and always will be the biggest John Garfiled fan!!
8 April 2016 - Hamburg NY

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