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Dr. John Fox | @
I agree with Lu that it's sad that we don't see more message traffic on this site.

John Garfield is my very favorite actor of all time. But, a close second is Gregory Peck, and TCM had a wonderful biography of him shown this week. It was a two hour retrospective done by Peck's daughter, and it was quite compelling.

Peck really was a good and decent human being.

Almost everyone's (not mine) favorite Peck movie is "To Kill A Mockingbird". That is a really wonderful film, and Mockingbird author Harper Lee is quoted in the TCM documentary that Peck as Atticus Finch really let the world see who the real Gregory Peck (not the actor) was as a person.

My favorite, of course, is "Gentleman's Agreement". I think that his character in that film, "Phil Green" is every bit as real a glimpse into the "real" Gregory Peck as "Atticus Finch"

I have said on this site before that in addition to his Best Actor nomination for "Body and Soul", Garfield should have also gotten a nomination as Best Supporting Actor for "Gentleman's Agreement". He should have won both. There is no better evidence than these two films (as the late Robert Sklar said) that Garfield was the finest American film actor of the post World War II era.

You all may not know this but Gregory Peck and John Garfield were friends, and worked together (even before "Gentleman's Agreement"") on a number of the "Hollywood Players" radio broadcasts. One of the more memorable is "All Through The House" which starred Garfield, Peck, Joseph Cotten, Gene Kelly, and a very young Janet Leigh. It was broadcast on Christmas Day 1946, and if you google Hollywood Players you can find it.

Gene Kelly and Garfield were also great pals. There are some touching stories about Garfield and Kelly in Betsy's Blair's book, "The Memory of All That" which is her biography and spends a lot of time about her marriage to Kelly, their interactions with other stars of the day, and how they dealt with The Blacklist (she was threatened with it, he was not).
8 April 2016 - West Chester Pennsylvania

Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I know everyone is busy but too bad that nobody else has posted.
7 April 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Easter.
25 March 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Yes, Dr. Fox, this is Lu. I think I remember that although I did not go to it. I read about it after it was finished. In fact, the Daily News did an interview with Julie Garfield, revealing some interesting and also some sad facts. I think also there is a theatre in Lincoln Center named after our Beloved Star, John Garfield. Also Kim Morgan did an interview with Julie Garfield in Las Vegas revealing some interesting things about her father, I think she also mentioned that her grandfather did not support her father and his career, never went to see one of his movies. Also there was an interview with Abraham Polonsky also on you tube which you mentioned that I did see as well. I still have dial-up on my computer so it took a while to watch them.
22 March 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @

I am posting in response to Lu's last message.

There was a wonderful, wonderful retrospective festival of John Garfield Films in 1995 at Lincoln Center. A dozen or so were shown over the course of several days.

The festival began with a fantastic panel discussion that included Julie Garfield and Abe Polonsky, Garfield's great friend, the writer of "Body And Soul", and the director of "Force Of Evil".

I was lucky enough to have attended it, and count the Festival Program among my most cherished pieces of Garfield memorabilia.

Perhaps there could be a similar retrospective at some point in the future.

Speaking of Abraham Polonsky, there are some wonderful video interviews of him on You Tube. He talks with great affection and respect for Garfield in many of them. He also has great stories to tell about how he and other writers survived the black list
20 March 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to post this message to let you know that courtesy of my husband who was reading the Jersey Journal, advised me that I think it was last Saturday, a movie theatre in the Journal Square area of Jersey City showed John Garfield's movie The Postman Always Rings Twice. They are showing movies that were based on books. They are also showing To Kill A Mockingbird based on Harper Lee's book and another movie that I cannot remember. Hopefully this will be a start in people rediscovering our Beloved Star John Garfield.

I can't believe that there is another posting here regarding a love spell.
15 March 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

I just wanted to mention one more thing. Dr. Fox you asked a question why TCM doesn't show the movie Body And Soul, I think it is because they don't own that movie. I think American Movie Classics (AMC) owns it but they never show it either. That was the case several years ago with Gentlemen's Agreement that was also owned by AMC until I guess TCM bought it.

I also want to mention that in between his movies, they advertise TCM with all the movies both color and black and white and the major movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood but never any of John Garfield's movies or his face. However, I was surprised when they DID show The Postman Always Rings Twice and they showed him and Lana Turner.

I also noted that they are advertising the 50th Anniversary of some movies but of course none of our beloved star's. They also showed that The Ten Commandments will be aired on TCM celebrating one of its anniversaries including maybe showing it in an actual movie theatre. By the way it will be shown on Channel 7 on Easter Sunday from 7 to 11.
5 March 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. I am posting a little at a time because I can't trust this computer, sometimes it acts "weird".

Yes, Dennis, I agree with you about the mistake TCM made with the movie Between Two Women, I thought did they mean Between Two Worlds and when it came up on the TV screen, it mentioned Lionel Barrymore and John Garfield which I thought did he make another movie which we didn't know about. And when they showed the credits, John Garfield's name was nowhere to be found. I watched the movie for a little while to see if he was in it but no, he wasn't. I can't believe that TCM would make that kind of mistake.
5 March 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

It is nice to see Barbara, Dennis, Dr. Fox posting again in honor of John Garfield's Birthday.

Thank you Dr. Fox for saying what you did about people not posting too much anymore. I do KNOW however, that people are indeed busy. I am so glad, Dennis that your wife is making good progress in her recovery.

Now, I want to wish our Beloved Star, John Garfield a happy 103rd Birthday in Heaven. I was noting that in They Made Me A Criminal, when Claude Rains was putting his wristwatch back on, he said "what is this my birthday" which I laughed and happily responded, yes it is.
5 March 2016

Hi, this is Lu. It is so nice to be back on this website. On February 1st, our monitor "died" so we have been without a computer since yesterday, our Beloved Star's 103rd Birthday. While I was watching his movies celebrating his birthday, a nice gentleman was busy fixing our computer. Even though it was our Beloved Star's birthday, this was a nice birthday present for us.
5 March 2016

Dennis | @
Hi all...been a long time since I posted...just know I check this site often. Been busy with my wife who is doing great and still improving. Yes today is John Garfield's birthday...I never forget him or his movies. TCM blew is today and aired Between Two Women instead of Between two Worlds. Both were made in 1944...the first one was a Dr Kildare movie with Lionel Barrymore. It even shows the upcoming schedule between movies and had Garfield's name next to Barrymore's!! What a shame couldnt even get the movie correct. I will write back soon...bye for now!!
4 March 2016 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Happy Birthday to John Garfield! TCM is honoring him all day with 7 films!
4 March 2016 - New York

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone!

I periodically check the site, and i am glad I did today. Thanks for the heads up on March 4. The other day TCM showed 4 Daughters, honoring Garfield's Oscar nod.

TCM used to show Body and Soul. I know, because I taped it. I think the last time they showed it was February of 2003 when they honored JG all month. Julie was on then. She screened the documentary on Garfield's life, which was wonderful and which I am so glad I made a copy of. Maybe it has something to do with copyright laws, I really don't know!
28 February 2016 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @

I agree with Lu that it's a shame we don't see more postings on this website.

I only post infrequently, but check the site regularly.

I haven't seen any mentions of the fact that this coming Friday, March 4th (John Garfield's birthday...he would have been 103), TCM will be showing several Garfield films, including "They Made Me A Criminal" which co-stars Claude Rains, the Dead End Kids, and the lovely Gloria Dickson, as well as a number of those great Warner Brothers contract players, including May Robson and Ann Sheridan.

For this devoted Garfield community, can someone tell me why TCM has never broadcast "Body And Soul"?
28 February 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

How sad, the only people who seem to be posting on this website these days are these spell casters. Where is the webmistress who is supposed to be taking care of this website!!!!!That message was dated January 22 and it is now the 28th.
28 January 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I know everybody is busy and Dennis is busy taking care of his wife, I hope she is getting better every day. But when I go on this website, I don't see any new messages, how sad. Again I know what Barbara said that how much can you say but still I think it is sad that this website seems to have run its course.

By the way, I want to wish our Beloved star's daughter, Julie Garfield a Happy Birthday. I want to thank her again for being so nice to me when we met at the luncheon for her father. I can't believe, was it 3 years ago. She is very gracious. It would be so nice to meet again, maybe some day. But it is sad that we wouldn't have the honor of her presence again.
12 January 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Happy New Year Everyone! I just wanted to give a heads up that Fallen Sparrow is on late tonight or actually Tuesday morning, January 5th at 4am on Turner. It is rarely on, so try and record it.
4 January 2016 - New York

Hi, this is Lu.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, a healthy and safe New Year.
29 December 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi everybody, this is Lu. Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everybody that visits this website a very Merry Christmas.

And to our BELOVED star, Merry Christmas in Heaven. Also Merry Christmas to his WONDERFUL daughter, Miss Julie Garfield.

Just thought I would mention something (trivia) if you want to call it that I noticed. Maybe you are aware of it, maybe not. I was watching the Sound Of Music on Sunday, they play it every Christmas) and I noticed in the credits in big letters that it was a Robert Wise Production and he also directed it. When I was watching one of our BELOVED star, John Garfield's movies, I think it was Tortilla Flat, I could be wrong, I noticed there was a gentleman also named Robert Wise that his name was in the production side of it. Probably how he got his start. And now he produced The Sound Of Music.

Also Eleanor Parker who co-starred with John Garfield in Pride Of The Marines got a BIG starring credit as well. That was twenty years later. She looked very different as the Baroness with blonde hair and smoking a cigarette that was in a glamorous cigarette holder. While in Pride Of The Marines, she had dark hair and you never saw her with a cigarette in her hand. While I was watching the movie, I remembered her after she got engaged to Al Schmidt coming down the stairs and looking out the window at the thunder and lightning. I realize also that she recently passed away.
23 December 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara, it is so nice to see you posting again, I know like everyone you are busy.

I just wanted to wish our beloved star, John Garfield, Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven, Rest In Peace.

Also I want to wish is daughter, Ms. Julie Garfield a Happy Thanksgiving as well. I hope she reads this.

I also want to wish everyone who visits this website, a Happy Thanksgiving too
24 November 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

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