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Dennis | @
Yes Maureen O'Hara has passed on..what a lovey...wonderful actress she was. I loved her in the Fallen Sparrow...she did a great job. Garfield of course superb!! Maureen O'Hara...they dont make them like her anymore...RIP Miss O'Hara.
28 October 2015 - hamburg ny

Dr. John Fox | @

More sad news. Maureen O'Hara just died. You all know, of course, that she co-starred with Garfield in "The Fallen Sparrow". This film is generally considered to be one of Garfield's best. His performance was very well received, and the picture was a big money maker for RKO.

In Robert Nott's great biography of Garfield, "He Ran All The Way", there's a photo of Garfield with the cast and crew of "The Fallen Sparrow" celebrating his 30th birthday.

Maureen O'Hara, of course, is better remembered for other films such as "Miracle On 34th Street" and "The Parent Trap".

By all accounts, just like the late Joan Leslie, she was a lovely person in real life. She had nice things to say about Garfield in her autobiography, as she did about John Wayne, Brian Keith, and John Payne.

I hope at least some of you saw her interview with Robert Osborne. Perhaps TCM will broadcast it as part of some sort of tribute to her and if we are lucky, maybe TCM will include "The Fallen Sparrow" as part of it.
25 October 2015 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dennis | @
Hi all..we post when we can. I would love to get to NYC again...but my wife needs alot of therapy. She continues to improve slowly. Just watched Castle on the Hudson...Garfield was so good and such a smart-alec in that film. Hope everone is doing to you all soon.
22 October 2015 - hamburg ny

I meant to say it is nice to see Dr. John Fox posting AGAIN.

I was wondering maybe Barbara, Dennis and Karen email each other instead of this website. I realize also that Dennis is taking care of his wife while she convalesces, I hope she is doing better.

Still in all, it is sad. Is it my imagination that TCM doesn't seem to play too many John Garfield movies anymore. It seems every time I go on the TCM channel, none of his movies are there.

I hope everybody is doing OK. Can you believe this year is almost up.
20 October 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, Dr. John Fox, it is nice to see you posting although it is a shame that it took Joan Leslie to die.

Yes, I agree, it was so nice to see our beloved star John Garfield in Hollywood Canteen playing himself, I agree it was nice to see how he actually was in real life not "reel" life.

It is sad though that people seem to have lost interest in this website (nobody posts anymore). I know Barbara said how much more is there to say about our beloved star. Still it is sad. I am in the process of joining Facebook but at the moment I am dealing with other things.
20 October 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @

Some sad news to report in case you hadn't heard. Joan Leslie just died. She was 90, and appeared in two films with John Garfield, "Thank Your Lucky Stars" (1943) and "Hollywood Canteen" (1944).The latter, as I have mentioned, is one of my favorites because Garfield plays himself and one gets a sense of what he must have really been like in person.

Joan Leslie also played herself in "Hollywood Canteen" and was only 19 years old at the time. By all accounts, she was a truly lovely person in real life. Like Garfield and so many others, she worked very hard at The Canteen during World War II.
17 October 2015 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Wow, what a delightful surprise. Another John Garfield fan whose favorite movie is The Breaking Point.

God Bless your father. Hi, my name is Lu. Welcome to this website. I wish I could help you, maybe Barbara or Dennis would know where to get a copy.

I can't believe somebody actually still has a VCR which I've heard they don't make anymore courtesy of the computer, just DVR's. I have a lot of VHS tapes but I cannot play them since the VCR in my living room broke some time ago and the one I have isn't digital and therefore, I cannot record anything, all I can hear is the audio, no video and the one in my bedroom I just discovered the power doesn't come on anymore.

Again welcome and good luck with the tape.
22 September 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

George Belsky | @
I am looking for a copy of "The Breaking Point" with John Garfield for my father. It can be a VHS cassette too. I just can't afford what they are asking on some of the sites. Please email me if you have a copy you would like to sell to a good cause, my dad is 78 and he said it was his favorite movie.
My email address for contact is:
Thanks a million
22 September 2015 - Hemet, California

Hi, Barbara and everyone, this is Lu. I want to thank you Barbara for advising us that Our Beloved Star was on the last day of August in He
Ran All The way. I watched it. I really felt bad for him especially at that time in his life for what he was going through. I couldn't watch the end of it because I didn't want to see him die in the end. What a very caring person and good actor he was. I hope that somebody will finally make a biopic of him as they call it and he will be rediscovered.
4 September 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone, I know we are all busy, but I still check back on this website. I think of our meeting at the Warwick fondly! Hopefully, one day we can meet up again! I just saw He Ran All the Way will be on TCM on Shelly Winter day which I think is August 31. I am so glad you watched The Breaking Point, Lu! I think Garfield was great in it, so sexy!....Dennis, I am so glad Sue is doing well! Enjoy the rest of the summer!
19 August 2015 - New York

Dennis | @
Hi all...I havent posted in a while very busy with my wife and my shows. My wife is doing well still re-habing. Hopefully some day in our lifetime someone will make that movie about the great John Garfield. Hope all is well with everyone. I will write soon.
18 August 2015 - hamburg ny

I was watching Breaking Point starring our beloved star. But it was sad that it was mentioned that this movie is rarely seen and they also mentioned that it didn't do well at the box office.

I know Barbara said that this website seems to have run out of steam, nobody posts too much here anymore. Which is sad and it is also sad that TCM doesn't seem to run too many of John Garfield's movies anymore.

As I mentioned before, when they advertise TCM, none of his movies seem to be included, that is also sad.

Does anybody know if any plans have been made to finally make a movie about him. Actually the actor whose last name is Wahlberg, I think his first name is Mark was on the View some time ago and he didn't mention anything about a movie about our beloved star and Whoopi Goldberg didn't ask.
18 August 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Breaking Point on TCM August 16 at 2 pm. It's rarely shown! It's a great film!
15 August 2015 - New York

Barbara | @
Lu, I joined Facebook so long ago, I don't remember how I did it. I really don't think it's a big deal. You just fill in basic things. I think this website lost steam because how much more can we say. If you want to see the pictures from the hotel, I could email them, but I need your email address.
5 August 2015 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. Barbara, since you are the one who mentioned facebook, why I was hesitant to join, I just went on the facebook website to see what you have to do to join. Barbara would you mind as well explaining to me also how the procedure works. Are you on facebook more than you are on this website because I don't see any postings here for a while. I would like to join all of you, I am very interested in also seeing the pictures of the meeting at the Warwick Hotel. Plus there are other websites that require you to have a facebook account in order to get on them.
28 July 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Lu, there has been a film noir series on TCM this past month on Fridays. Last week they showed Nobody Lives Lives Forever, which is One of my favorites and this Friday they showed The Postman Always Rings Twice.......I just got an email from Karen. She has been very busy, but all is well......hi Dennis, I see your wife is getting better every day. I am so glad!
29 June 2015 - New York

Yes, I agree, what is going on with ALL THIS SPAM!! Where is the webmistress, I thought there was an anti-spam that you had to put in before you could finalize your posting.

I am glad that one of John Garfield's movies was FINALLY on. I have looked at the TCM listings without any luck until I gave up looking at it all the time.
23 June 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Please take this spam off of this great site...Please!!...watched Nobody Lives Forever...loved it as always!!
22 June 2015 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Lu, I don't know why you are so hesitant about joining Facebook! Karen, Dennis, Julie and I are f/b. I have a few pictures on Facebook from that day. If you email me, I can probably send you the couple of pictures I have. You are in a few!
13 June 2015 - New York

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. It is nice to see you back online although I am very sorry to hear of the deaths of your loved ones.

It has been very hectic here as well. Between taking care of my house, I have been doing some major projects, to try to organize thing better so I can find them. Some time ago, I had to replace an old heating system. Plus also going out walking with my husband, he is still having problems with his legs although he is doing much better and also waling to stores or taking the bus to them. It has been very tiresome for me.

I was wondering do you go on Facebook? I know there is a page devoted to John Garfield. I went on it because I was curious but didn't get far because I don't have an account and am very hesitant about opening one. I thought maybe because I don't see the same people posting on this website too much anymore, you all went to Facebook.

I wonder how Dennis and his wife are doing because I haven't seen him post in a while as well. For that matter, Karen, either.

Plus the fact that our computer's motherboard finally went "Kaput" and we had to have it fixed.

Barbara, I was actually tempted to send you an email being that your email address is listed although you have to click on the @. I bet you have some nice pictures of the luncheon at the Warwick Hotel which I have never seen.
2 June 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

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