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Hi, this is Lu. Barbara, since you are the one who mentioned facebook, why I was hesitant to join, I just went on the facebook website to see what you have to do to join. Barbara would you mind as well explaining to me also how the procedure works. Are you on facebook more than you are on this website because I don't see any postings here for a while. I would like to join all of you, I am very interested in also seeing the pictures of the meeting at the Warwick Hotel. Plus there are other websites that require you to have a facebook account in order to get on them.
28 July 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Lu, there has been a film noir series on TCM this past month on Fridays. Last week they showed Nobody Lives Lives Forever, which is One of my favorites and this Friday they showed The Postman Always Rings Twice.......I just got an email from Karen. She has been very busy, but all is well......hi Dennis, I see your wife is getting better every day. I am so glad!
29 June 2015 - New York

Yes, I agree, what is going on with ALL THIS SPAM!! Where is the webmistress, I thought there was an anti-spam that you had to put in before you could finalize your posting.

I am glad that one of John Garfield's movies was FINALLY on. I have looked at the TCM listings without any luck until I gave up looking at it all the time.
23 June 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Please take this spam off of this great site...Please!!...watched Nobody Lives Forever...loved it as always!!
22 June 2015 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Lu, I don't know why you are so hesitant about joining Facebook! Karen, Dennis, Julie and I are f/b. I have a few pictures on Facebook from that day. If you email me, I can probably send you the couple of pictures I have. You are in a few!
13 June 2015 - New York

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. It is nice to see you back online although I am very sorry to hear of the deaths of your loved ones.

It has been very hectic here as well. Between taking care of my house, I have been doing some major projects, to try to organize thing better so I can find them. Some time ago, I had to replace an old heating system. Plus also going out walking with my husband, he is still having problems with his legs although he is doing much better and also waling to stores or taking the bus to them. It has been very tiresome for me.

I was wondering do you go on Facebook? I know there is a page devoted to John Garfield. I went on it because I was curious but didn't get far because I don't have an account and am very hesitant about opening one. I thought maybe because I don't see the same people posting on this website too much anymore, you all went to Facebook.

I wonder how Dennis and his wife are doing because I haven't seen him post in a while as well. For that matter, Karen, either.

Plus the fact that our computer's motherboard finally went "Kaput" and we had to have it fixed.

Barbara, I was actually tempted to send you an email being that your email address is listed although you have to click on the @. I bet you have some nice pictures of the luncheon at the Warwick Hotel which I have never seen.
2 June 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Hi Lu, I'm sorry I haven't been online, but the past few weeks have been hectic. First I had to put my cat down, and then the following week a cousin of mine who had been battling lung cancer passed and now a good friend of mine died the other day of COPD. Both passed much too young, due to smoking! I just celebrated my birthday the other day, so I'm making like this is a new year with a clean slate! BTW, did see Air Force and Destination for the holiday!

I just noticed Ziegfeld Girl with Lana Turner, Garland, Stewart and LaMarr is on Wednesday, June 3 at 11:30 pm on TCM. If you haven't seen it, watch it. They don't make films like that anymore.

Karen, June 14th Dan is having another festival at the library. He is showing The Apartment. He would ( and me too) love for you to come, but I know it is too far!

Take care!

I hope all is well with everyone!
31 May 2015 - New York

Hi, this is Lu.

Where did everybody go. Maybe to Facebook.

Again, I know people are busy but it seems a while since anybody posted anything.

Just observing.

I hope people did watch our Beloved star last Saturday for Memorial Day. TCM showed Destination Tokyo and Air Force.
28 May 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

To Our BELOVED star, John Garfield, our hearts mourn your loss on your 63rd Anniversary in Heaven.

We all miss you VERY DEARLY. Rest In Peace.
20 May 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I just saw a book in the library which stated that the part of Terry Malloy in On The Waterfront was written for John Garfield. Funny, how Garfield turned down Streetcar and then to have Brando win an Oscar for a part that was written for Garfield is quite ironic!
2 May 2015 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. I am back online. Our computer's motherboard died so we were without a computer for a little more than a week. Glad to be back.

However, I see that nobody has posted anything for a while, just a stupid "spell casting" message.

Hope everybody is OK. I know people just might read postings and not post anything themselves.
30 April 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. Glad to see you back again.

I also wanted to mention didn't Robert Redford give John Garfield's son who was known as John Garfield, Jr. or John D. Garfield a job as a film editor at the Sundance Film Company. I think Robert Redford was the Founder of that.
5 April 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.
5 April 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Happy holidays!

I was just looking at a book on Robert Redford and he said when he was growing up one of his favorite movies was The Fallen Sparrow. After seeing that, he loved any film with John Garfield.
5 April 2015 - New York

robert hill | @
My sister was a fanatic of John Garfield. Can they show more of his movies. My mother looks at turner classic movies very often.
23 March 2015 - Camden,New Jersey

Susan | @

I just checked in after just over a month and saw your incredible post about
Mark Wahlberg's interest in JG and you say there is an article about this. Thanks for letting us know. Now I'm perked up. Can you tell us where we can read that article. I once contacted the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press ( the Golden Globes people) by voice mail, and he actually left a voice mail back saying that although they can give posthumous awards, they try to do this for the living. My point is, if we can as a group contact whoever may make a JG film, let's figure this out as na´ve as it may sound. I'm all in.
17 March 2015 - Fort Lee

Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY.

My husband and I are watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade on 5th Avenue in New York now.

Hope everyone is OK. Barbara, hope you are enjoying your vacation in Florida.
17 March 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Here's to our BELOVED star, John Garfield's 102nd Birthday In Heaven. You are gone but NOT forgotten. We think of you ALWAYS and you are in our hearts FOREVER. Rest in Peace.


I couldn't find a proper "face" to insert so I will put (kiss kiss kiss)
4 March 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Considering tommorrow is our Beloved Star's 102nd birthday, I am surprised that TCM has chosen to ignore it.

Actually, I am not surprised that TCM ignored it this year. There have been times in the past that they also ignored it. I bet it would be different if it were a "big star". But of course, John Garfield is a big star to us.

Barbara, I read by your posting that you are on vacation in Florida, enjoy. I like everyone else up here is enduring the weather here. Me, I have been walking in the streets because I don't have a car and the sidewalks are still snowy and icy in some parts and the corners are the same.
3 March 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I am on vacation in Florida, so I haven't been online as much as usual. I have to admit it's nice to get anyway from the cold temps and ice, but it has been rather chilly here in Florida. I did get to the beach one day. I hear the temps are supposed to rise this week!

I was so glad to see Dennis's post. I hope a bio of JG comes to pass. I think Wahlberg would be a good choice for Garfield. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Dennis, I continue to pray for Sue's swift recovery. Regards to all!
28 February 2015 - New York

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