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Hi, Dennis and everyone else. I am sorry I haven't been on this website too much lately but between this bad weather we've been having, I know other areas have been hit a lot harder, and organizing and cleaning out my garage in order to put a new heating system in this spring, I have been busy. Dennis, I hope your wife is doing better. I met her at the John Garfield luncheon at the Warwick Hotel, tell her Lu sends her best wishes.

Dennis, that is wonderful news, not only have I discovered this wonderful website almost 8 years ago with wonderful people but now even more wonderful news about our beloved star FINALLY getting the recognition he SO MUCH deserves.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to finally see his life story on the screen and people rediscovering or discovering him for the first time. I can hardly wait.
19 February 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
hello all...I ahve some hopefully great news...Mark Walberg is ahuge John Garfield fan and at a movie release recently for The Gambler, Walberg speaks of his admiration of Garfield!!! Also in the article the writer says dont be surprised if walberg doesent make a John Garfield biopic!!! Wow this is what I have always hoped for!! Lets pray that this happens for our wonderful John Garfield!!
14 February 2015 - hamburg ny

Hi, this is Lu. Just a reminder Gentleman's Agreement is on tonight on TCM at I think 8 PM.

I happened to be waiting for Destination Tokyo to come on at 6:30 AM yesterday and I couldn't believe it, in all my years of being a John Garfield fan, I have never seen a trailer for any of his movies and last night I couldn't believe they were playing one for Gentleman's Agreement. Enjoy. John Garfield comes into it about an hour and 5 minutes later.
10 February 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
The Fallen of my favs!!
5 February 2015 - hamburg ny

BArbara | @
Fallen Sparrow on Turner right now, Tuesday Feb. 3, 11am
3 February 2015 - New York

Barbara | @
Good day to watch JG! Humoresque is on Turner at 11:30 am Monday morning! I hope everyone is weathering the storm! Stay warm!
2 February 2015 - New York

I see on newscasts that Long Island got it real bad and Dennis' area probably got a lot as well, as I said before, I hope you are both doing OK.

And of course, everybody else who got a lot of snow out of this blizzard are doing OK as well.
28 January 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Although our area of New Jersey "dodged the bullitt" as far as not getting the full blown blizzrd as they were predicting, I hope Barbara and Dennis whose area got a real "walloping" are doing OK.
28 January 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everybody well regarding the Blizzard that affected the Northeast this past Monday.
28 January 2015 - Bergen County, NJ

Susan | @
Thank you Dennis. Glad to hear that your
lovely wife is doing well.

I recently saw Humoresque again, after
a long time, to show my fiancée how dedicated a musician has to be(so he understands why I have to play to piano
every night) Anyway, I realized how this
film is really Joan Crawford's. What deep character development. I felt her every emotion. I'm going to have pick another Garfield movie as my favorite.
6 January 2015 - Fort Lee

Barbara | @
Happy New Year! Daughter's Courageous on January 2 at 6pm on Turner.
2 January 2015 - New York

Dennis | @
Happy Holidays to all of you!! Congrats to you Susan!! Yes what a luncheon we did have at the Warwick. I never ever will forget that. My wife is coming home on December 21st, she has been through so much...but is recovering nicely. This is the best Xmas present I could ever ask for!! And for me as a man...I enjoy John Garfield's acting because of his toughness, grittiness, sensitive side and loyalty. As i have stated so many times someone somewhere should make a movies on his life. That would be the ultimate compliment to the great John Garfield!!
13 December 2014 - hamburg Ny

Susan | @
Now I have to voice my opinion. What's
with all the scammer solicitations suddenly? Can't someone erase these messages? It's disrespectful to John
12 December 2014 - Fort Lee

Susan | @
Hello Barb,

Thanks, and say hello to your adorable
Mom, too
11 December 2014 - Fort Lee

Barbara | @
Congratulations Susan! I adore John Garfield as an actor, but just like you I had or still have a big time crush on him as a man! He has that sassy edge to him, but also there is a boyish sweet quality to him too. Happy Holidays and give my regards to your mom!
11 December 2014 - New York

Susan | @
Barbara, Dennis, Karen, Lu, and mystery
lunch guest,

I do read these posts which is how I ended up being part of the "memorable"
lunch last year at the Warwick Hotel.

I just want to say that for me John Garfield was there as a fantasy crush when no one else was. This is different
from most of your interests in him.

I now found my "my real life" John Garfield since I got engaged for the first time last August. He doesn't look
like John Garfield, but he does have his
essence. His name is Jeffrey and he was born and bread in NYC, is Jewish like me,and John Garfield. He is tough, shrewd,and caring and helpful to everyone.
Sounds like John Garfield? Enough for me.

I'm still a John Garfield fan forever, but now for his acting and screen presence.

Happy Holidays Everyone
10 December 2014 - Fort Lee, NJ

Barbara | @
I'm curious as to what some of you think about some of Garfield's later work. I don't think we have ever discussed We Were Strangers or Under My Skin. Both never got much acclaim, but I think Garfield gave great performances in both, not to mention The Breaking Point. One of my favorites.

Dennis, I'm glad to see your wife is doing so well.
10 December 2014 - New York

I also heard that Joan Crawford's career was starting to go down hill at that period of time.

I read and I think I still have the newpaper article somewhere that Julie Garfield was interviewed by the New York Daily News some years ago and she said that Lincoln Center had a movie theatre there that was named after her father.

I also wanted to mentioned as well in case you do read the postings on this website that I remember you did a play titled Uncle Vanya that was Off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre.
2 December 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hopefully Barbara, Dennis and Karen can answer this question. You were talking about Humoresque and I think Ms. Garfield said something to the effect that her father was not thrilled having Joan Crawford's children on the set. Or maybe, he was not thrilled work with Miss Crawford because I heard she had a drinking problem.
2 December 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Although this is a little late, I wanted to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet. My husband and I went out to eat. Our families live far away so we weren't able to be with them.

I watched Humoresque last night and while watching it I was remembering something that was mentioned at the table but because I was sitting out of range, I couldn't make out some of the things that were being said.
2 December 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

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