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I am posting in segments because my computer is giving me problems again.

She was SO passionate about trying to get him rediscovered. I REALLY miss her.

It is wonderful to see Ms. Garfield posting to also send her condolences to Lori's family.

I hope Ms. Garfield that even though you don't post very often on this website, we all know you treasure your privacy which we all understand, we hope at least you read the postings on this webiste that is devoted to your father and see that we all love your father
14 November 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

First our beloved Lori who was perhaps, our beloved star, John Garfield's biggest fan and then not too long after, her wonderful husband.
14 November 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Plus being busy going to my husband's various medical appointments

I want to send my condolences to Lori's family for the passing of Lori's husband, Stacy. It must be very hard to have 2 deaths in the family in 2 years.
14 November 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I am sorry that I hadn't posted when I first read the posting about Lori's husband passing away but things have been crazy in my house this past week. My heating system wasn't working right and when that got fixed, I discovered we had no hot water
14 November 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I was shocked when I went on Lori's site last week and just happened to see the post about her husband. I feel so bad for her family! I too think of Lori often. She would always email all sorts of interesting articles on JG. Her commitment and passion was amazing. I think I am one of JG's oldest fans on the site, I first saw him in Dust Be My Destiny in 1963, and that was it for me, however I could never match Lori's commitment. She has a lovely tribute to Garfield on YouTube.

I will never forget Christmas Eve 2012 waiting for company, and just opening my emails to pass the time, when I saw the post from Stacy Moore saying Lori had unexpectedly passed away that morning. I was in utter shock! It put such a damper on the holidays that year. What was even more ironic was the fact Lori had been at her local mall two weeks earlier right before a shooting there, and I remember her emailing me that she was okay!

It's nice seeing Julie and Karen posting! Hope all is well with you both! I'm sure everyone is watching the little mini festival of Garfield films today, or at the very least recording them. Tomorrow Pride of the Marines and Wednesday Tortilla Flat.

Happy Veteran's Day
10 November 2014 - New York

Julie Garfield | @
I was very sad to hear of the passing of Lori Moore's husband. Very sad.

Hope you are all doing well. I know you are all sad too.

Best Wishes,
10 November 2014 - New York City

It's been awhile since I
posted. I wanted to let my fellow Garfield fans know about upcoming Garfield movies airing this week
But I'm
shocked now about Lori's husbands death.
Very sad.
I still think of Lori everyday. Really I do. She lite up
this site like a light bulb with her passion for Garfield
And her husband supported her all the way.
She would email me at times that he would watched some of his movies and understood why she admired Garfield. I believe I am ...along with Dennis one of the earlier posters to this site and I feel bad that I have not been posting. I thought I was Garfield's biggest fan. It started in 1999 and I may have a great collection on him, but Lori had the true driven determination to see Garfield get the reconition he so deserves.
Now, I will place 2 roses when I
visit John Garfield's final resting place
I have not forgotten my promise.
RIP Lori are now with your devoted husband.
9 November 2014

Barbara | @
I didn't know about the films being shown on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks for the heads up. I did see coming attractions for Tortilla Flat which is being shown sometime next week on TCM.

I was shocked and sadden to hear of Lori's husband passing. They both left too soon.
8 November 2014 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @
I, too, am saddened at the news of Lori's husband's death. I had the great privilege of exchanging a few emails with Lori, as I am sure many of you did. She was an incredibly loyal, incredibly knowledgeable, and incredibly devoted fan of John Garfield.

By the way, I suspect that everyone already knows this, but TCM is showing some great Garfield films next Monday and Tuesday, including two of my favorites "Pride Of The Marines" and "Saturday's Children".
7 November 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dennis | @
So sad to hear about Lori's husband. She was a real JG advocate. I do miss her.
6 November 2014 - Hamburg NY

Barbara | @
One of Lori Moore's friends wrote me today. He was interested to know if there is a Garfield CD. I told him there is, but we would like to see a film made on JG.

I don't know if everyone knows, but Lori Moore's husband passed away from cancer in May. What a tragedy for the family!, to lose both of them within a year and a half!
6 November 2014 - New York

Barbara | @
I do agree with Dennis, Lu! Our meeting with Julie was a one time experience. You must realize it was an extremely emotional meeting for Julie. When we were upstairs in the lounge looking at Karen's pictures, Julie became overwhelmed and suddenly seemed very tired. She said to Karen she couldn't look at anymore pictures. She also said to Karen, she would prefer Karen would meet with her privately, and perhaps come to her apartment alone to finish showing her collection sometime in the future.

We must put ourselves in her place, and respect her privacy. After all, this is her father, not just a star. You don't want Julie to think you are an obsessed fan! As far as what she shared at the table, she did not talk about her family. She passed around her dad's wallet and talked about how it was retrieved in 2003. We also discussed what films of JG she liked, (Body and Soul, The Breaking Point) and Dennis also asked us some trivia questions. Again, she went above and beyond, by meeting with us. Don't expect anything else! I don't mean to chastise you, Lu, but we shouldn't expect anything more from Julie, and if she reads our comments we don't want her to think we didn't appreciate her meeting with us!
5 November 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
We talked about John Garfield Lu...everything you already know about!!! We met with Julie. We are NOT going to meet with her again. I hope you understand this. Push for a movie to be made on John Garfield. Once again Julie met with us...this was so nice of her to do this. Please dont ask any more about this!!!
5 November 2014 - Hamburg NY

Hi,Dennis & Barbara, this is Lu.

I know we should respect her privacy. You and Dennis had the privilege of sitting next to her and you could hear what she was saying when you were asking her questions, whereas I was at the end of the table and couldn't hear too much.

Would it be possible for you to tell me what you discussed with her and what her answers were or maybe you don't want to discuss that on this website.

Did she talk about her niece and nephew, her brother David's children and tell you what they were doing now, how old they are.

Yes, I too couldn't believe I was hugging John Garfield's daughter. And yes she was very gracious.

It's just that I always wondered what it would be like to meet John Garfield and was very sad to think that would never happen and here we have his daughter which we had the privilege to meet once and sad that it would never happen again. I'm not saying to meet all the time but maybe every 3 4 or 5 years, just a thought
4 November 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Amen!! Barb my wife and I especially me was just thrilled to meet Julie. A wonderful person I might add. This meeting help fulfill almost everything about my favorite actor John Garfield. All is left for me is a movie made on his life. I hope this will happen in our lifetime!! We met with Julie...she was most gracious...and we dont need to ask for her to post on this site...I agree!!
1 November 2014 - Hamburg Ny

Barbara | @
Lu, as far as Julie is concerned what more can she possibly say or do. She went way beyond my wildest expectations by meeting with us. I never thought I would actually meet with John Garfield's daughter! She couldn't have been more gracious. I think we should respect her privacy and not expect her to post. She must get tired of answering the same questions over and over!
1 November 2014 - New York

Barbara | @
The film noir movies were made in black and white for a reason, besides saving money. They could play with the shadows and they gave their films a grittiness. If you watch Double Indemnity or Force if Evil, you will see the Venetian blinds shadowing across the actor's faces or when the films showed rain soaked streets with neon lights gleaming on it, it makes the films so much more interesting.

I spoke to Martin Scorsese when he was making my Uncle Jake's movie Raging Bull. He certainly had the money to make the film in color, but he wanted to capture that 1940's feel, plus having the fight scenes in color with all the blood would have made it gory. Just think of Psycho, when it was remade in color, it lost that gloomy feel!
1 November 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Personally I enjoy the black and white films...they were made that way and that is that...and yes Julie enjoys her privacy!!
26 October 2014 - Hamburg NY

Hi, this is Lu. I was just thinking while I was laying on the couch resting that wouldn't it be nice if our beloved star, John Garfield's daughter, Julie would every once in a while post something on this website just to hear from her. I know that she is busy and wants to lead a somewhat private life.
24 October 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Also, some of the actors who were contract players at Warner Brothers, when they made a movie with John Garfield, they were shown in black & white but when I see them in other movies, you saw them in color.

When I think of the movies of the 1940's, I think of them being filmed in black & white, but there are movies out there of that period that are indeed in color.

Maybe you think I am making too big a deal about it but that is how I feel. I also wonder when John Garfield started his own production company that he didn't switch to color.

When Ted Turner bought Warner Brothers and MGM's vast library of movies, he colorized Destination: Tokyo and John Garfield look wonderful in that.

Although MGM made movies in black & white, Andy Hardy and Dr. Kildare, most of their movies were in color featuring the big movie stars of the '50's including Esther Williams and Kathryn Grayson, etc. but again with the Postman Always Rings Twice again it was in black & white, maybe Lana Turner wouldn't have looked "striking" in color.
23 October 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

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