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I am glad to see you still posting on this website, Natalie. I have no idea, Natalie, about his paintings maybe Dennis or Barbara would have some knowledge on that.

I see the webmistress got rid of the spam that again collected on this webiste. I don't understand how it gets there in the first place.

As I was posting before I had trouble, I wanted to say also. People also direct us to some nice websites where we can learn more about our Beloved Star.

I am glad, I hope not now either that I am not having a problem with this webiste. Last week, I had a problem getting my posting to the actual postings board. I did what it told me to do but kept on getting "Incorrect Selection". I would hate to think that that would prevent me on going on this website for good.
4 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

I understood that Mr. Garfield liked to paint as a hobby. Are any of his paintings on display?
4 August 2014 - New York

I will say that I don't put my email address on this wesite even though it is not shown unless you click on @ because as we all saw with these scary postings, you never know who is out there although there are some very nice people like Dennis, Barbara, Dr. Fox and Karen. So please keep coming to this website. We are very glad to have you, Natalie.

Yes, Barbara, I should have known that it was a wig. I am very glad to hear of her enjoyment of working with him. Honestly I am surprised because I did see her autobiography some time ago and it was not very nice.

I will continue the rest of what I tried to post later.
2 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

We don't know why the webmistress didn't get rid of them right away and as I just stated, I see a couple more and again it is very disconcerting.

As Dennis said, please don't leave this website, Natalie. We don't know you personally but by your postings, you seem to be a very nice person. It is a pleasure to have you on this website.
2 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

I see some more of those postings again. I thought they were new people thus adding to our "friends" on this website until I read them.

As I stated in my last posting, it took me a half an hour to put my posting on this website for some reason I get on getting "Incorrect Selection" unless my computer is at fault.
2 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Thanks, Dr. Fox, I just reread the Huffington article. It was very interesting, but so frustrating. Whenever I think of the injustices done to Garfield I feel so sad.

I also put the Lee Grant book on reserve, "I Said Yes to Everything", but apparently not to Garfield. According to Grant on the TCM bio on JG, Garfield made a pass and she regrets she turned him down.

Lu, I saw the Maureen O'Hara interview, but I hate to disillusion you, that was a red wig she was wearing. I have seen O'Hara talk about Garfield in a blurb before they showed Fallen Sparrow. She said she liked him very much and enjoyed working with him, and misses him to this day!
2 August 2014 - New York

Where is this. I don't seee anything like that here. Did I miss something. Did the webmistress take something else off that wasn't appropriate. But I want to tell you for a while that was all you saw on this website. Women talking about how they met men in their lives and casting spells very unsual and scary.

I will type the rest of my posting tomorrow. But please Natalie as Dennis said please stay.
1 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, Natalie, this is Lu. I just read your posting. What's this about a prophet. How you think people think it was you.

I am posting a little at a time since this webiste won't let me post as I just posted now. I've been trying for a half an hour. I had to write my posting on a piece of paper with speedwriting.
1 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

I am experimenting with this website for some reason, it won't let me post.
1 August 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr.John Fox | @
All the folks who visit this site regularly are familiar with "The John Garfield Story" which TCM aired in 2003.

One of the stars who spoke about her recollections of John Garfield most fondly was the great actress, Lee Grant.

She has just written a book entitled, "I Said Yes To Everything". It's a wonderful memoir. Early in the book there is a lovely story about her first meeting with John Garfield.

At the end of the book there is a tribute to all of her colleagues who were victimized by the Black List.For those of you who might not know, Grant herself was blacklisted...this after she had won an Academy Award nomination for her work in "Detective Story".

Especially poignant are her tributes to Canada Lee and John Garfield.
1 August 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dennis | @
Natalie...the email from the wack job is not the same as yours...she periodically comes on babbles on about some healer or something...check it out click on the @..its not you email....please dont leave!!
30 July 2014 - hamburg ny

Natalie | @
The person who put this message on this site about a phophet was not me. I will not be on this site anymore. There are some sick people out there who will take your e-mail, and use it.
30 July 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Yes Dr John...I have read that article some time ago and it is excellent...Klugman said Grfield was his hero..and that says alot...if you surf the net and type in John Garfield you will find a few interesting articles on JG...not mnay but there are a few...and yes Lu I did see Maureen Ohara with Osbourne...but although they didnt speak of JG they did show a picture of them from least it was something.
28 July 2014 - hamburg ny

Hi, this is Lu again. You're very welcome , Natalie and thank you Dr. John Fox for that information.

I just wanted to mention something else. Dennis and Barbara were talking about how many costars of our beloved star, John Garfield are still alive and it would be wonderful if Robert Osbourne could interview them in what it was like working with him.

Well, every night I go on TCM and see if any of John Garfield's movies might be on and I happened to come across Robert Osbourne interviewing Maureen O'Hara who happened to be in a wheelchair, I think she is 94 years old with beautiful red hair. While they were talking he asked about her costars and she was praising John Wayne who I think she made several movies with and I think she said that they became friends. Well you can imagine that my heart was beating very fast in anticipation that he might ask her about John Garfield which she made "The Fallen Sparrow" with but seems to be always the case, nothing. I can't tell you how disappointed I was.

Just thought I would mention that.

It just seems to me and to everyone on this website that he doesn't get the respect he so deserves.
28 July 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @
It has been a while since I posted on this site, but I wanted to make you aware (if you are not already) of a wonderful article published on line in The Huffington Post in February 2013 just before John Garfield's 100th birthday anniversary.
The article is entitled, "Witness To A Persecution" and was written by Robert David Jaffee. It is quite lengthy, and contains wonderful recollections of Garfield by, among others, Julie Garfield, Harvey Keitel, the great Jack Klugman (who played Garfield's younger brother in the 1952 Broadway revival of Golden Boy), Abe Polonsky (who wrote the screenplay for Body and Soul and directed Force of Evil),and the fighter Ray Mancini. Particularly poignant are Klugman's descriptions of what it was like back stage at Golden Boy, and the interaction between Garfield and the great Lee J. Cobb, who played Garfield's father.
If you Google "Witness To A Persecution" (and please don't forget to use the quotation marks) the first hit you get should be a link to the article on The Huffington Post Web Site.
My primary take away from it is that, in addition to being a superb actor, John Garfield was a truly heroic human being, someone I have admired ever since I was a kid.
28 July 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Natalie | @
Thanks Lu
24 July 2014 - New York

Hi, Natalie, this is Lu again. If you have any questions about John Garfield or his daughter, Julie, I think Dennis or Barbara would be able to answer them. About I can't believe, I think it was almost a year ago in September, we had the pleasure of attending a wonderful luncheon at the Warwick Hotel in New York City in which Julie Garfield we had the honor of her presence. She was so gracious to all of us and answered a lot of questions while we were having our lunch.

Unfortunately, because I walked up to the hotel from the Port Authority and I was a little late, from where I was sitting I couldn't hear too much of the information on the questions that I think people were asking. I think Dennis and Barbara were near to where she was sitting so they could hear her answers.

I didn't even see the wallet that she showed that belonged to her father.

So maybe when Dennis and Barbara see your questions, they could maybe give you some hindsight to what the answers are.

As I mentioned, it was a pleasure to meet her (you should have seen my face when they told me that she was there, I didn't see her at first, I had just gotten there from a LONG walk from the Port Authority. Again, she was so gracious.

It would be nice to meet again with her at another luncheon
24 July 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Natalie | @
Does Julie Garfield still teachers acting? I think she looks alot like dad,more than her mother.
22 July 2014 - New York

It is wonderful to have you back, Natalie. You and others are always welcome on this website to pay homage to our beloved star.

Too bad, I did see Robert Forster appearing on some program recently and tell you the truth I didn't recognize him for a minute.

Yes, Dennis I agree who could fill John Garfield's shoes.
22 July 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
A young Forster would have been ideal...too old now...we need a young actor and it would be difficult to fill Garfield's shoes!!
18 July 2014 - hamburg ny

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